Upcoming Talks

Andy Thomas gives many lectures to all kinds of organisations, both mainstream and ‘alternative’. Well-known groups regularly include Funzing, the U3A, WI, National Trust, Rotary and Probus.  Many of these are members-only events – however, the following lectures are all ones which are fully open to the public.

See Available Lectures for details on the content of Andy’s main talks. If you would like to book Andy to give a lecture, please go to our Contact page.




Fri 16 September 2022, 10.30am: INDIGO UMBRELLA (East Sussex)

Crop Circles: A Cultural Phenomenon – Birch Grove Suite, Bluebell Railway, Sheffield Park, East Sussex, TN22 3QL

With stunning visuals, Andy explores the extraordinary phenomenon of crop circles, the intricate shapes which appear in fields around the world each year and still defy total explanation despite media scepticism and much debate. This whole-morning presentation will reveal the fascinating history of the mysterious patterns up to the present and explores both the amazing designs and the many varied and imaginative theories put forward to explain them over the years. The morning also includes a gallery of some of the best crop circles, set to music.

Details of the event and online booking are available at https://www.indigoumbrella.co.uk


Tues 27th September 2022, 8pm: TRUTHJUICE GROUP (Birmingham)

The New Heretics – E57 Club, 699 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 5EY

Andy discusses the themes of his book The New Heretics. Based on his own experiences with researching conspiracies and the paranormal, Andy looks at how genuine truth seekers, now unwisely censored and seen as ‘the new heretics’, can approach different opinions in ways that are more constructive and which could make a real difference to the way they pursue causes, without losing the fire of their convictions. True free speech must prevail for all if the world is to avoid an even more dystopian future.

Full details available at https://www.truthjuice.co.uk/category/speakers/

Changing Times Lectures 2022

Andy Thomas also presents Changing Times lectures at Burgess Hill, West Sussex several times each year, sharing news and views on current alternative topics, usually before presenting a speaker – remaining dates for 2022 are as follows:

12 July (Terry Boardman – The Global Situation; Light at the End of the Tunnel)

13 September (subject to be announced)

15 November (subject to be announced)


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