Upcoming Talks

Andy Thomas gives many lectures to all kinds of organisations, both mainstream and ‘alternative’. Well-known groups regularly include Funzing, the U3A, WI, National Trust, Rotary and Probus.  Many of these are members-only events – however, the following lectures are all ones which are fully open to the public.

See Available Lectures for details on the content of Andy’s main talks. If you would like to book Andy to give a lecture, please go to our Contact page.




Sat 11th February 2023, morning: UPRISE AND SHINE CONFERENCE (East Sussex)

Exploring Unexplained Mysteries and Cover-Ups – Battle, East Sussex

In a thought-provoking and lively presentation, Andy Thomas explores some of the most famous global mysteries, finding intriguing linking threads between them. What is the truth about real-life ‘X Files’ – UFOs, crop circles, ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, strange creatures, religious apparitions, psychic phenomena and visions of the future? Why do some people insist that ‘the unexplained’ is actively covered-up, and what is the connection to shadowy secret elites and their fascination with ancient symbolism? Are we really told the truth about the world we live in, and if not why not..?

Andy is one guest among several over this weekend event and will be speaking on the morning of Saturday 11 February.

Details and online booking available at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/uprise-and-shine-battle-east-sussex-tickets-473295378217

Changing Times Lectures 2023

Andy Thomas also presents other Changing Times lectures at Burgess Hill, West Sussex several times each year, sharing news and views on current alternative topics, usually before presenting a speaker.

Speakers for each event are announced one by one on the Changing Times website. 2023’s dates are as follows:

14 March / 16 May / 11 July / 12 September / 14 November


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