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Andy Thomas gives many lectures to all kinds of organisations, both mainstream and ‘alternative’. Well-known groups regularly include the U3A, WI, National Trust, Rotary and Probus.  Many of these are members-only events – however, the following lectures are all ones which are fully open to the public.

See Available Lectures for details on the content of Andy’s main talks. If you would like to book Andy to give a lecture, please go to our Contact page.




15 June 2024: UFOLOGY WORLD CONGRESS (Barcelona, Spain)

Crop Circles and UAP 

Andy Thomas has been a leading researcher into crop circles and other mysteries for over three decades. Although the mainstream media has dismissed the circles as all being the work of human artists, the truth is that many of these incredible patterns still cannot be explained that way. Andy explores why this is so and demonstrates that interest in the phenomenon is growing again in new generations, partly due to the recent publicity given to the US military’s UAP/UFO disclosures and the extraordinary congressional hearings held in 2023. With strange lights and other aerial objects witnessed by the public – and Andy personally – numerous times over crop circles for years, the renewed interest in UAPs is rightly helping people to re-evaluate these controversial but beautiful shapes in the fields, which are still appearing today.

Many other well-known speakers from the world of Ufology will be taking part in this conference, which runs 14-16 June.

Venue: SB Icaria Hotel, Av. d’Icària, 195, 196, Sant Martí, 08005 Barcelona

Full details at: https://www.theufologyworldcongress.com/


5 July 2024, 19:30: ESSEX UFO & PARANORMAL GROUP

Futureproofing Truth, Mysteries and the Paranormal 

Andy Thomas has been researching paranormal mysteries and cover-ups for over three decades and has monitored the rise of severe polarisation, especially when it comes to ‘alternative’ views, despite recent disclosures on the likes of ‘Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena’. Now, all the mainstream need do to remove something from public view is to brand it a ‘conspiracy theory’. But hiding a belief does not make that belief go away. With the likelihood that artificial intelligence will soon regulate all available human knowledge, it is imperative that future algorithms fairly reflect the existence of unorthodox viewpoints on truth, mysteries and paranormal research. Indeed, could a fairer reassessment of the reality of paranormal phenomena even provide humanity with an escape from the dominance of technocrats and powermongers..?

Venue: Balmoral Community Centre, Salisbury Ave, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 7AU

Full details at: https://essexufo.group/events


26-28 July 2024: GLASTONBURY SYMPOSIUM (Somerset)

Andy’s Annual Symposium ‘Address’

The Glastonbury Symposium ‘Expand Your Horizons’ event is one of Britain’s longest-running and most acclaimed “alternative” conferences, annually offering three days of free-thinking presentations in historic Glastonbury, with fresh views on the unexplained, truth, liberty, health, science, history and spirituality. The Symposium began in 1990 and is attended by many people from around the world. Held in the grand environs of Glastonbury Town Hall, atmospherically lit and resplendent with beautiful banners, this is a unique chance to hear top quality speakers and gather with other like-minded seekers in a magical setting. Andy always presents the Saturday morning 9.30am slot where he assesses the current state of things and the ‘alternative’ world’s response to it … He is also co-MC for the weekend.

Venue: Town Hall, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9EL, UK

Full details at: www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk

Changing Times Lectures 2024

Andy Thomas also presents other Changing Times lectures at Burgess Hill, West Sussex several times each year, sharing news and views on current alternative topics, usually before introducing a speaker.

Lectures for each event are announced one by one on the Changing Times website at www.changingtimes.org.uk.

All remaining 2024 dates:

Tues 18 June – Richard Vobes: It’s Up To Us – Taking Back Responsibility

Tues 20 August

Tues 15 October

Other speakers will be announced as we go, but all will be excellent and worth coming out for!


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