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Why do so many people now believe in conspiracy theories, and what is the evidence to support them? What is the basis for the wide belief that we are now in a ‘New Era’ of massive change and consciousness shift? Why is there such huge but officially undeclared interest in paranormal phenomena from authorities and religions? How does all of this tie together and explain the agendas of control and surveillance in the West, and what can we do about it?

Truth Agenda 2013.inddThe Truth Agenda: Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and Visions for a New Era explores some of the most famous unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups of recent history. What is the truth about UFOs, pyramids, psychic phenomena, visions of the future and ancient prophecies, and what is their connection to famous conspiracy theories concerning the Moon landings, 9/11, the New World Order and claims that the world is covertly run by a powerful ruling elite..?

Andy Thomas pulls these many threads together in a refreshingly accessible and stimulating overview, addressing the issues in a credible analysis which suggests that the world we live in may be very different to the manipulated picture presented by governments and the mainstream media. Many people believe that a secret global cabal is anticipating some kind of imminent huge change, based on ancient prophecies, and that it has been implementing a regime of draconian restrictions by nefarious means to ensure it retains its control throughout. Is a spiritual and philosophical revolution about to transform this situation, however, and if so what part can we all play in creating a more positive future..?

Since its first edition in 2009, The Truth Agenda has been acclaimed as the best all-round guide to the big picture of unexplained mysteries, global cover-ups and visions and prophecies for our times. It was, for a few years, adopted as a sociology textbook at Canada’s Vancouver Island University. Its revised 2011 edition cemented its reputation, and the third updated, rewritten and slightly re-designed version in 2013 (expanded to 404 pages), with a brand new cover and subtitle, provided the definitive experience. A newly edited US black and white version, published by Adventures Unlimited was issued in 2015 and is available in the US here.]  The book is easily available online or through high street retailers.

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‘I found much of this utterly fascinating and will be barbequeing out on Thomas’s findings all summer… …This book is a triple-strength espresso-charged wake up call’ – Kindred Spirit

‘Rather brilliantly, Thomas explains how we can transform pessimism into positive action, and presents further incredible evidence for the power of collective positive thought. Utterly mind-blowing’ – Spirit & Destiny

‘This book is written with a rare ability to to articulate complex ideas in a simple way, is immensely well-researched and is immaculately presented, with over 100 colour photos. It is exceptional value for money and the best book on the subject I have read’ Paradigm Shift

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    Is the somewhat fractured world we live in today a result of random developments – or a conspiracy? And is the picture we are presented with in the mainstream an accurate one? Given that so often it appears not to be, it is inevitable that many have begun to question the very foundations of the society in which they live.

    Doubts about the way the world is being run today are leading an increasing number of people to reconsider ‘conspiracy theories’ in a new light. If the world is not being run for our benefit, then whose? Changes of administration in the White House forever raise hopes of new eras, but continuing policies of old mean that many probing enquiries from the truthseekers remain legitimate. Applying a simple process of analysis to the key events of recent history may reveal important hidden layers, offering clues to the real agendas motivating our society.


    There are many mysteries around us, which suggest that the world may not be quite as it seems – but as a culture we often like to pretend otherwise. It is always implied that everything is neatly explained and pigeonholed, and we are easily distracted from further investigation by intellectual snobbery or active debunking. Yet becoming more aware of unresolved enigmas can awaken people in unexpected ways. Two mysteries in particular provide good inspiration, one ancient, one modern; the pyramids and the crop circles.

    Academic elitism and a wide encouragement of scepticism too often prevents warranted enquiry into mysteries and phenomena that could provide valuable information or generate higher aspirations. A closed establishment prevents full investigation of archaeological monuments such as the pyramids, while fervent debunking seems designed to deflect interest away from ‘paranormal’ enigmas like crop circles, suggesting that important seams of knowledge are being kept from the general populace.


     Something strange is flying in our skies. Are UFOs extra-terrestrial or military? Either way, there is clear evidence that full knowledge of them is kept from us. The mystery surrounding this one phenomenon is confirmation that we are clearly NOT told the truth about everything. Yet many people claim to have had encounters with non-human creatures that have left them with a profound sense of expectation about the future.

    Secret bases and whistleblowers’ talk of recovered extra-terrestrial craft and non-human bodies have created a culture of myth-making and confusion. But it seems clear that there have been direct cover-ups concerning the existence of UFOs, and authorities clearly know far more than they are admitting, whatever the purpose of these mysterious visitations. There are simply too many reports for all of them to be dismissed, and individuals’ encounters with apparently other-worldly beings seem to inspire a greater awareness of the importance of these times, or grant them direct visions of momentous near-future events.


    Predictions of future times run through history, and are especially strong within Christianity. Belief in these prophecies, together with information gleaned from clairvoyant sources or direct messages from seemingly religious apparitions witnessed by thousands, may play a quiet but important role in influencing political decisions that affect us all.

    Prophecies of disruptive but transformative events that will befall our planet seem endemic within ancient religious and mystical texts – but they are also welling up through modern clairvoyance and multiple-witness apparitions. People in high places, claiming divine inspiration or authority, appear to be the guardians of secrets that must surely influence the direction of the world we live in today, and undeclared religious agendas underpin Western politics far more than is admitted.


    Is the method by which our civilisation is run the result of a massive manipulation from elite groups and secret societies with shadowy agendas? With so many people now doubting the true foundation of the West’s supposedly democratic principles, what is the exact nature of those doubts and should we pay any heed to them? The speculation of the conspiracy theorists, whatever the final answers, raises important questions about both the world today and the potentially ancient origins of the power structure that may really govern us.

    Mistrust in our leaders and the systems they manage has led many to suspect the very worst of both, to the point where some believe a regime of financial and political manipulation is creating a centralised global state designed to maintain power for a small but influential elite. The overt occult symbolism and bizarre rituals employed by those appearing to implement this suggest a firm belief in ancient lore and a total conviction of their right to rule, while the common people are seen as disposable pawns. Those who attempt to expose this scheme are vilified and ridiculed, and may sometimes go too far in their speculation – yet it is hard to dismiss the clear observation that important truths about the way the world is governed are being kept from us. If the fundamental basis of our society is so rooted in deception, why should we trust any story fed to us by officialdom?



    The first pin we stick into the board of famous historical events, for the application of the Truth Agenda, concerns what is often spoken of as humankind’s greatest achievement. The Moon landings are frequently held up as an example of the spirit of adventure, ingenuity and determination that gives our sometimes flawed species validation. Yet a surprisingly large number of people doubt the evidence for the lunar expeditions. Has the truth of the Apollo missions really been told, and if not what are the implications for our view of consensus reality?

    Mankind’s greatest achievement is supported by surprisingly flimsy evidence, and we have to take the word of plainly unreliable authorities that it occurred at all. Something of unquestionable veracity would effortlessly support itself with self-consistency – yet the anomalies in the record of the Moon landings are impossible to ignore. Better official explanations are deserved, but questioners are brushed aside as delusional fools. If we did go to the Moon, it seems that the whole story has not been told and that some parts of the evidential record, at least, have been tampered with or fabricated. If so, why? Was support for the manned Moon missions necessary to enable massive black budgets to be generated for secret projects, masking yet another tier of a growing control programme? Awaking to credible doubts over something as familiar as the Moon landings makes people more open to the possibility that they may have been lied to in other important areas.


    As another example of a key global event that doesn’t stand up to the Truth Agenda, we can look to a more contemporary public deception – one that actually is being widely exposed. The invasion of Iraq, courtesy of a US/British-led alliance in 2003, was based on a claim that turned out to be palpably false. Through fear of ‘weapons of mass destruction’, people were cowed into lowering their opposition to a disastrous war that has since opened many eyes, in a very real-world way, to an awareness of how popular opinion is manipulated.

    In a very tangible way, the weapons of mass destruction catastrophe illustrates how easily public opinion falls prey to deception. The wide feeling of doubt at the time, and the evidence revealed since, make it clear that Western governments knew very well that the reasons given for invading Iraq were false. Somebody was even prepared to kill to ensure that information was not exposed, as Dr David Kelly discovered. The campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan are seen by many as necessary steps in the New World Order plans. With such a plainly underhand lie about WMDs being employed to win popular consent, can anyone seriously doubt that a manipulation of the masses is taking place?

  • VIII  9/11

    The events of 11th September 2001 turned the world upside down and generated the ‘War on Terror’, which has encroached on our lives in ways that many still don’t appreciate. Yet the official story of 9/11 is full of holes and anomalies, to a degree that makes it almost impossible to believe when scrutinised in detail. Shocking to behold, the lies and cover-ups surrounding this epochal moment in history reveal even more clearly than the WMD fraud that a significant deception must be taking place. With 9/11, however, authorities and the media are doing their utmost to keep a lid on a growing – and justified – public unease.

    The event that created the mandate for the ‘War on Terror’, a campaign that has crushed liberties and created havoc around the world, demonstrates serious anomalies when the details are examined. Important questions about the logic, timing and physics of most of the occurrences on 9/11 have been too lightly dismissed, with plain evidence of obfuscation from both authorities and the media. The official 9/11 Commission Report omits crucial evidence that paints quite a different picture to the official view and implies layers of complicity and deception. This troubling and unavoidable conclusion strongly suggests that the attacks were engineered either partially or wholly by a criminal cabal with influence in the US political or intelligence infrastructure. 9/11 presents one of the most powerful cases that the view of the world we are presented with by the mainstream is a manipulated construct, masking deeper machinations that are secretly shaping our lives.



    The ‘War on Terror’, might be better described as the ‘War on Liberty’, given the mandate of control it created for Western governments, with everyday freedoms previously taken for granted having been greatly eroded away in less than a decade – through the instillation of fear. No conspiracy thinking is necessary to see the reality of this happening all around us. Are the tools of control that have been created by this process being put into place as a key element in the ruling elite’s long-term plans?

    The War on Terror was one of the greatest coups on human liberty ever staged. In the name of our protection, fundamental freedoms have been eroded or taken away, leaving us prone to unhealthy state intervention or surveillance. False-flag terrorism to create states of fear is something with a long history and still seems to be occurring now. But whether the terror and crime we have to deal with is real or false, it is clear that fear of it is being used to control us. Striking the right balance between sensible precautions and a self- defeating climate of alarm is the only way to break free of this trap – which means we must not fall prey to the manipulative fear currently being foisted on us.


    With growing fear engendered by terrorism and crime, other factors in our society also seem geared to control and suppress the human spirit through disproportionate health and safety regulations, the abuse of political correctness and burgeoning restrictions on personal health choices, which enslave us to pharmaceutical solutions and weaken our immunity. Is this a further policy being operated to prevent us from stepping into our true power as human beings?

    The diminishment of self-responsibility and choice, even in matters of health, means that we are left at the mercy of those who seem to prefer us hooked on chemical-based symptom suppressers and dubious additives in our food and water, rather than allow us to protect our well-being by natural or common sense methods. The employment of psychological warfare also seems apparent in societal trends, with people reduced to statistics while health and safety, political correctness, family breakdown and the distractions of the media and materialism alienate people from each other and from their own sense of self-empowerment. Many believe this is a deliberate policy of Divide and Rule, creating a weaker – and therefore more malleable – society.


    The widely-promoted fear of a major catastrophe due to climate change is increasingly creating a judgmental society of finger-pointing and mistrust. With man-made global warming having been decided on as the primary mechanism of our forthcoming undoing, it might be thought that all the arguments were settled. But are they? Many think not. Sensible protection of our planet and its eco-systems is a must, but climate change and green issues appear to have been hijacked for use as more tools of control through which the hands of freedom are being tied.

    Legitimate environmental concerns are being abused to create another layer of fear and restriction, which sets people against each other and undermines a cohesive societal spirit, despite the attempts to build ‘green’ communities. We must clearly preserve our environment with enlightened policies, but the carbon pollution propaganda threatens to restrict both freedom of spirit and freedom of movement, while the panic that is closing down our energy infrastructure too soon could plunge us into literal darkness. Man-made global warming has been presented to us as an unarguable absolute, when in truth there is a very important debate to be had in the light of much contradictory evidence. Other factors outside of our atmosphere seem to play a part in the climate changes we are seeing, suggesting some kind of impending cosmic influence beyond our control – which may explain why a ruling elite might want to ensure it retains its grip on us while it can.


    Across the world, a number of ancient cultures have calendrical systems, prophecies or traditions that pointed very clearly to 21st December 2012 being the start of a hugely significant global transition in which a shift of consciousness would occur. What exactly were the predictions and how might they now be coming about? The very anticipation of a shift has already stimulated a new awakening process in many people. With wildly varying speculation as to what will unfold over the next few decades, are those in power aware of the potential for an upsetting of the old order, and thus trying to create a world that cannot fall from their grasp?

    The New Era prophecies are unusually cross-referenced by many sources, ancient and modern, and seem to represent an important upwelling from the collective psyche, stimulating an awareness of imminent change. Cosmic forces and alignments may be the bringers of that change but, whether metaphor or reality, the simple self-reflection that knowledge of the prophecies is inspiring may in itself contribute to an important developmental stage for humanity. Any road to higher consciousness may be something to be fought in the eyes of a ruling elite. Its fear of losing the control and privileges maintained for so long might well be the driving force behind the erosion of liberty and programme of suppression that many believe is in place.



    Uncertain speculation on the ruling elite many believe is running the world can lead to the presumption that it is all-powerful and infallible. But is it? And do we really understand its motivation? Identifying the human foibles and underlying desires of those who may be planning centralised domination could lead to a greater chance to offset their agendas – if people can break the chains of apathy and step up to the task.

    There may be more than one reason why a world of centralised control would be desired by a ruling elite, and we cannot fully presume to understand from the outside. But no strategy that imposes an undeclared agenda without transparency or choice can be right, and any regime of underhand manipulation must be resisted. To resist successfully, however, those with awareness must hold on to optimism and strike an appropriate tone if they are to be listened to and people awakened so that a minority’s vision for the world is not allowed to ride roughshod over the needs of everyday people. The elite is not infallible, and this offers hope.


    The belief that minds working together can affect the material world may be more than just New Age rhetoric. Scientific experiments with the power of thought are revealing an all-encompassing mechanism of collective consciousness, the understanding of which may be the key to forging a new world of positive change. Can we step up to the responsibility that proactive use of this process could bring?

    Astonishing discoveries are being made in the realm of consciousness research, revealing that psychic abilities are not rare gifts, but widely-distributed effects that bind us together on a day to day basis. The realisation that collective thought is not an abstract concept but, courtesy of the Random Number Generator experiments, a recordable reality, grants us an insight into hitherto unsuspected powers we may all have to forge a better world using both the telepathic weight of numbers and the power of intention. With that realisation, however, comes a greater awareness of the huge responsibility we have to our fellow beings. What we think and do affects everyone else and what we pour into the collective helps shape it negatively or positively, as we decide.


    How can we put into practice the lessons of everything learned from the speculation over the control agenda, and live a new truth to create a better world, whilst maintaining personal integrity? What does history show us about the possibility of turning around even the most seemingly insurmountable situations through concerted collective effort? Taking the initiative and keeping the flame of optimism alive must now be our primary duty.

    Collective positive action works. It may take time and dedication, but the rewards are worth it – and what will be the price of not challenging tyranny and subterfuge? The ultimate reality of the conspiracy scenario probably lies between two points of extreme, but valid questions have been asked and it is time to step out of fear and stand up for liberty and truth. We must take the best from the journey ahead, wherever it may lead us.




Andy describes the aims of The Truth Agenda:

The Truth Agenda was written to open a much-needed window of clarity on the world of mysteries and cover-ups for those who may be confused by all the many different sources of information out there. Some tomes are too dense or too extreme to reach out to the curious who might benefit from being exposed to the hidden truths behind the facade of ‘consensus reality’. This book is offered as a remedy and is presented straightforwardly and attractively, with many photographic illustrations throughout, building up its case logically as it goes. The concealment of important mysteries and the worrying ongoing withdrawal of liberty and freedom of speech in Western society needs addressing as widely as possible and ‘making sense of’, as the subtitle suggests. Happily, the final chapters conclude that, with enough collective determination, we can – and will – offset any dark agendas and create a more positive world for future generations.’

The Truth Agenda – all three of its editions – has been several years in the making, based on what I have learned from giving countless presentations around the world about all the many areas covered by the book and realising what it is that people need to hear to make them more open to these subjects. Talking to ordinary people makes it clear that in fact many are concerned that they are not being told the real story about what is going on in the world, and I have found much openness to the subjects from a far wider demographic than the media or the authorities will ever admit to. Presented with something rationally and reasonably, and with the fear of ridicule reduced, people will listen. The Truth Agenda is presented in this spirit and is designed to reach out to both the lay person and those already dedicated to knowing more about the hidden aspects of our society, and is deliberately written in a balanced, clear and non-partisan style.’

‘Aside from the years of research and experience, the book took around two years of actual writing for the first edition, with many more months spent on it since for the updates. Hopefully readers will find something useful from the fruits of that labour. If The Truth Agenda makes people look around them at the world they live in with even slightly new eyes and a more positive hope for the future, then it will have served its purpose.’