The New Heretics

Andy’s illuminating new book The New Heretics is out now in the UK and US, published by the renowned Watkins Publishing, available both as a paperback and an audiobook …

“This is probably one of the most important and informative books you will ever read … irrespective of where this book is opened, some highly inconvenient fact will emerge … The book gives an extremely well written, valid and worrying insight into why it happened and continues to happen … I cannot recommend this new work highly enough; in fact it’s a ray of light and should be required reading in all secondary schools … Buy it, read it, and learn.” – Brian Allan, Phenomena magazine

“A rich, compelling and deeply timely book, one that should be on the must-read list of anyone interested in the underlying forces driving human society at this pivotal moment in history … It explores in great detail and with extensive research changes in society, censorship and worrying losses of freedoms.” – Jez HughesCaduceus magazine

“Essential reading in our dangerously compromised times, The New Heretics is exceptionally well-informed and has that hard-to-put-down quality that confirms it as a must-read for anyone interested in the bewildering state of Western culture and society today. It’s level-headed, wise and deeply insightful.” –

The New Heretics is a tour-de-force, a much needed and well-timed counter to all the hysterical and unfocussed accusations of conspiracy being flung around now. Andy has the knowledge and authority to make some much needed and very sensible suggestions for how we can leave behind the present fevered atmosphere of mistrust and provocation to start a process of enlightenment, which he does, with his fluent and easy-to-read style. The New Heretics will become the go-to book for a new way of thinking about the world and our progress in it.” – Marcus Allen, UK publisher of Nexus Magazine 

“Thomas dives down the rabbit hole and makes a laudable attempt to understand it from the perspective of a conspiracist or “truther” and why it is that they are overlooked [and] feel as vehemently as they do … Thomas serves up a banquet of ideas on the profound impact of digitalisation, the death of debate, censorship, and the nature of scientific inquiry, asking questions that leave you stumped.”Saffron SwireReaction

“It opens broad conversations and looks beyond unhelpful layers of bias to try to bridge the divides between humans and find more insightful ways for us to communicate with each other and move forward together. This is a very current topic but this book can help guide us through the labyrinth and this is the author’s speciality.” – Cygnus Review

“In The New Heretics, Andy Thomas analyses polarization and tries to find ways to bridge the polarized divides and create a better way forward. It is a very thorough analysis … the text is well written and testifies to an author with great insight in the field.” – Scandinavian UFO Information

“Andy Thomas is well versed in conspiracy theories and can be relied upon to be a down to earth, sane voice in such matters. He is to be commended in this book for bringing understanding to the polarised society that we find ourselves in … This book gave me insights into what I had not thought about before. It is very informative and highly recommended to those who want to broaden their outlook, and perhaps have a better understanding of what is going on in the world … it is a good book to read and have an awareness of.” – Suzanne Thomas, Heart and Thought

“I’m writing from New Zealand where we had a multi-day protest against vaccine pass mandates (among many other related issues) occurring outside our Parliament buildings. I had been planning to read The New Heretics, but when the protests started I knew it was the right time to pick it up … I just wanted to say thank you so much for offering such a balanced, nuanced and sound commentary on the experience of “truthers”. I genuinely want to understand the thoughts and feelings of those who so strongly oppose the decisions of our government, and your book is helping me have compassion towards them and their right to be heard – even though I will continue hold to my own (mainstream!) views. I’ll be recommending your book widely.” – Christina Partridge, University of Auckland


The New Heretics, published by the renowned Watkins Publishing, is the only book produced by a mainstream company today that dares to stand up for real truth seekers and genuine free speech. This passionate and timely book adds a nuanced voice into the circus of divisions currently tearing society apart over everything from conspiracy theories to our lack of trust in the media and establishment. It helps make sense of the rush towards an authoritarian drive on many sides which thinks, wrongly, that blotting out other people’s views makes them go away.

Subtitled ‘Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World’, The New Heretics goes far beyond this remit to lift the lid on precisely how and why we have become so split in numerous directions and explores why so many people now question all kinds of orthodoxy. Without overt judgement of individuals’ views, the book scrutinises the future of freedom of expression in a censorious world which seeks to close down discussion of everything alternative, from conspiracies to the paranormal, expanding into a truly thought-provoking treatise on our relationship to truth, technology, politics and the unexplained – and the future of humanity itself.

Read an article which encapsulates the key issues of The New Heretics here.

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Or author-signed copies are available from Andy’s own Vital Signs Publishing

And the audio book, read by respected actor Richard Lyddon, can be found here


Further Information

The New Heretics unfolds naturally from some of the themes explored in Andy’s previous books Conspiracies and The Truth Agenda but adds many more layers to get to the deeper fundamentals. At 432 pages, this substantial but accessible and illuminating paperback (with a robust references section) will help many people to comprehend exactly what is going on right now and proposes constructive methods to define truth and avoid divisive kneejerk opinions, offering a new and more hopeful way forward which allows all voices to be heard.

This book will be for you if you are wanting to gain a balanced understanding about any of the following, without any underlying agenda other than wanting to have a sensible discussion about the discussions with a view to grasping the wider implications of both the belief in them and the many attempts to suppress those beliefs…

QAnon · the US Capitol invasion · COVID-19 · vaccine controversies · alternative facts · Agenda 2030 and the ‘Great Reset’ · 5G and EMF sensitivity · climate debates · censorship issues · ‘cancel culture’ and ‘woke’ thinking · 9/11 truth issues · paranormal beliefs (UFOs, crop circles, astrology, psi phenomena) … and much more


Reader comments:

“Brilliantly written, researched and compiled, a real masterpiece of patience, understanding and wisdom … words which have so much compassion in them. A wonderful book, written from the centre of your heart, I applaud your diligence in putting it together … it will resonate with many and the wisdom it contains will reach far and wide. Congratulations on producing such an amazing work”Sally (a reader)

I just want to say how much I’m enjoying your latest book. It has helped me think more carefully about the way I react to so many situations. The information in it is amazing and you have achieved a much needed balance” – John (a reader)

Thank you for this wonderfully well researched book” – Tom (a reader)

“I’ve just finished your amazing book. I very much enjoyed it! What I really appreciated was the appeal for calm, reconciliation and understanding between groups of holders of opposing opinions who have become so polarised” – Jon (a reader)


For a deeper insight into the book, here is a list of its contents:





Part One: Polarity
  1. The Polarity Trap

What are heretics? – QAnon – The US Capitol invasion – Pandemic conspiracy theories – The silencing of questioners

  1. The Art of Reaction

Artificial media stimulation – The vanishing of nuance – The PROBLEM–REACTION–SOLUTION equation – The effects of social media – Historical divisions

  1. Blurred Boundaries

Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset – The “unprecedented” meme – Disorientation and history – “Alternative facts” – Politicians and moral rights – Seeking certainties


Part Two: Imbalance
  1. A Censored World

The selective protection of rights – The new censorship – Deplatforming – Search engine editing – Vanishing videos – Banned books – Policing of emails – Risks of the current trajectory

  1. Waves of Doubt

Living in an electromagnetic soup – The issues around EMF – The 5G controversy – 5G and COVID – EMF Hypersensitivity

  1. Eye of the Needle

Toxic discussions – Vaccination arguments – The Andrew Wakefield controversy – The treatment of vaccine questioners – COVID and vaccine passports – Scaremongering and misinformation – Selfish or selfless?

  1. “Fringe” Elements

Alternative medicine – Fluoridation and additives – Fracking – Climate issues – The paranormal and esoteric

  1. The End of Debate?

“Snowflake” generations – Political correctness and “woke” thinking – Meghan and Harry – “Cancel culture” – Far-right views – Doctor Who as metaphor


Part Three: Convergence
  1. The Digital Age

A unique and different era – Online activism – The loss of societal ambience – Transhumanism: biology meets technology – Centralized information – Ages crossing over

  1. Them and Us

The divided brain – Politicians and elites as mirrors – Why elections matter – Truther strengths and weaknesses – How we choose our truths – 9/11 and inner divisions – Understanding other voices – A conspiracy cruise – Hearing everyone

  1. Fake Blues

The Prisoner as metaphor – Fake news – How war upholds the economy – Mixed messages on the environment – The benefits of localization –  “Crisis actors” – Truth panels

  1. A “Quantum” Approach

The fear of uncertainty – Quantum physics – The power of “quantum” thinking – Crop circle research as a microcosm – Staying fluid

  1. The Final Curtain?

Experiencing COVID-19? – Moderating approaches – The power of “I don’t know” – The loss of truth media – Inverted pyramids and owning shadows – The real overlords? – Ways to make a difference

  1. Tea and Coherence

Creating coherence – Fluid beliefs – Ultimate perspective


Appendix: The Pandemic – Additional Information

Notes and References