[NEW EDITION] Whenever the subject of conspiracy theory arises, there is almost an automatic response and that is the name of Andy Thomas. Andy is one of the most respected contributors into this always contentious field and also one of the most careful and considered in his views. In this, his latest contribution to the subject, it is in fact a revised and updated version of his earlier works and in this case the updates add an extra bite to his conclusions. Most of the usual subjects are here, including the fiasco of 9/11 (how anyone can still seriously think that this was not a carefully calculated inside job is beyond this reviewer), Princess Diana, the New World Order the Illuminati, the Moon Landings (or lack of them), yes, they are all here. However, what is new and much needed, is an overview of the Trump presidency and all that involves and indeed what might yet be unearthed about it.

What this book (which is a genuinely fascinating and absorbing read) does do however, is begin with a rationale for conspiracy theory and then group all the best known into different categories, ranging from political and extra-terrestrial, to false-flag and assassinations and at the end of each the author gives a for and against summation of the evidence. For anyone new to the subject they could do much worse than sample this as their introduction to the subject: in fact they also should then seek out his earlier masterwork on the subject, The Truth Agenda Phenomena Magazine


NexCov_OctNov2013-Outs.indd‘Trust Andy Thomas to come up with a highly readable, accessible guide to key conspiracies from Roman antiquity to modern times. His previous work, The Truth Agenda, soon to be updated again, touched on some of this ground and expanded on other fields. Thomas has a way of covering his subjects within the sociopolitical context of the time, and he’s dedicated to explaining why we find so many of these topics completely fascinating.

Thomas… concentrates on specific theories that just won’t go away. Among the most high-profile cases are the JFK assassination, Watergate, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the events of 9/11. His coverage includes a panoply of conspiracies: historical, false flag, political, ET-linked and New World Order-related. Be amazed by his take on the fate of the Lusitania in World War I, the history of America’s mysterious Area 51, the fate of UN weapons inspectors, ongoing WikiLeaks dramas, shadow government agendas and much more.

Whether steeped in conspiracy lore or just a novice, you’ll get a better handle on what’s really going on in the world by reading Andy Thomas’s Conspiracies.’ – Nexus Magazine


Reviews - Phenomena‘A new book from Andy Thomas is always welcome and this, his latest offering, is no exception. In this new work, Andy, a noted commentator on the subject of conspiracies and related enigmas, takes a look at some of the more persistent conspiracy theories that have emerged over the years. These include historical conspiracies like the alleged extraterrestrial influence of the Annunaki bloodlines, through conspiracies in ancient Rome to modern variants such as ufology, the abomination of 9-11 and WikiLeaks. The author also revisits the still troubling demise of Princess Diana and there is also the granddaddy of all conspiracies, the killing of JFK; and yes, the New World Order is there too.

What the author has done, though, is present the evidence for these many occurrences in a remarkably even-handed manner and still succeeds in gleaning other details that may have slipped below the radar. Another useful inclusion is a run down of the pros and cons of conspiracy theory (in fact the book opens with this) and a very clear explanation of the standard ploys used by both sides of the conspiracy divide, something your reviewer has encountered at first hand.

Although covering familiar territory, this book is not just another reappraisal and reboot of the conspiracy theory phenomenon, because it is reasoned, objective and most importantly fair. It is a valuable addition to the existing canon of literature in this most fractious of subjects: fascinating, sometimes worrying and highly recommended.’ Phenomena Magazine


Reviews - New Dawn May 2014‘… How does one cast light on an invisible hand? Surely the answer is to observe the actions of that invisible hand on the visible world. And that is exactly what Andy Thomas does in Conspiracies. With a measured eye, Thomas focuses on the conspiracy’s actions over the last 100 years…

Conspiracies maintains a very real world course that the majority of us can share. It’s a concise introduction to a new world that is being shaped for us by those who, if their actions and motivations were exposed to the light, we might not want as guides. Certainly, if a book like Conspiracies was required reading for every teenager in the world, enough people would be catalysed into an awakened state and we would reach a threshold of meaningful change within a single generation’ – New Dawn



Review - Network Review‘This volume deals with the facts, theories and evidence of various types of conspiracy: historical, false flag, political, assassination, 9/11, extra-terrestrial and New World Order. The author precedes his analysis with a detailed consideration of the nature of conspiracy theory and the derogatory ways in which the term is bandied about, for instance on the official US government website… The author seeks a middle ground between polarities of thought, summarising the arguments for and against alternative views before stating his own conclusion at the end of each chapter.

Academic views of the conspiracy mind-set are patronising, while those sympathetic to alternative interpretations see themselves in a very different light. ln my view, rational analysis of the available evidence is essential in order to draw an informed conclusion. This is precisely what Andy does in this book, which makes it a reliable source for those unfamiliar with this kind of material… It is neatly self contained and can be recommended as a useful introduction to many controversial topics.’ – Network Review


News - The Argus‘A level-headed compilation of classic theories… Andy Thomas uses hard facts and cold logic – rather than paranoid speculation – to forensically analyse contentious events’ – The Argus


Reviews - Viva Lewes‘Conspiracy theorists have an image problem, as Lewes-born-and-raised writer Andy Thomas discusses in Conspiracies. But this isn’t the kind of book one should feel uncomfortable about reading on a train, as it looks (or tries to look) objectively at the evidence for and against various conspiracy theories… The evidence he presents is astonishing – if it’s true… Being a question-everything conspiracy theorist must be exhausting, but getting into that mindset for a few hours turns out to be great fun’ – Viva Lewes


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Reviews - Phenomena 2014THIRD EDITION REVIEW:  ‘There is an old saying about “gilding the lily” that is apropos of this remarkable book. Just when you think he has said it all, in this updated version of his now classic The Truth Agenda, respected researcher Andy Thomas does it again and adds yet more perspective and focus on the strange and frequently unnerving world of subterfuge, uncertainty and misinformation that we are told is “the truth”. Again, this is a weighty volume and much (if not all) of the book has been revised and updated. There would be little point in reiterating the abundant praise and plaudits in previous reviews for what is now almost the main reference point for information of this kind, because it’s all contained here: the glaring anomalies surrounding 9/11, political assassinations, the UFO phenomenon, the paranormal and the sinister agenda of the religious right, especially in the USA, and ultimately orchestrated mind control. Where the book carries a note of hope is where the author shows that by wishing change to occur, we really can alter the negative outcomes that the “controllers” intend: this is chaos magic by any other name. It is impossible to overstate just how vitally important this book is, a true masterwork of its kind and a must read for any person with an interest in what really goes on behind the facade of normality. Buy it, read it, and learn’ – Phenomena


Reviews - Network ReviewTHIRD EDITION REVIEW:  ‘The author is level-headed and well informed, steering a middle path between the extremes of interpretation and relating his analysis to the available evidence. He covers a vast range of topics from pyramids to crop circles, UFOs, Marian apparitions, Moon landings, false flag operations, lraq and 9/11. Some of the areas he considers are more or less respectable in the mainstream, while others are considered fringe and wacky. The main contention is that things are never what they seem to be and that governments and conventional thinking
manipulate and deceive the public, ridiculing alternative explanations as implausible conspiracy theories. Each chapter contains a Truth Agenda summary at the end. The chapter on 9/11 is comprehensive… The third part discusses tools of control in a war against liberty of which the Patriot Act is a prime example, implemented following the atrocities of 9/11. The fourth part outlines a positive response to the advent of the New World Order in terms of the power of collective thought and positive action. I know of no other volume that sets out this vast field so clearly and in such a balanced way. Readers are left free to make up their own minds in an informed fashion’ – Network Review


Reviews - UncensoredTHIRD EDITION REVIEW: ‘The Truth Agenda is a book that is written in measured tones and superbly presented on glossy paper and illustrated with high quality colour and black and white photographs. It would make a great introductory book for people who might usually consider “conspiracy theories” to be fringe or flakey. Even the most ardent believer in the official explanation of the events of September 11, 2001, would have a hard time arguing against the weight of evidence presented by Andy Thomas in his chapter on 9/11.

… This book lays out many of the contemporary challenges that we face, but it’s not all doom and gloom. It has a message of taking responsibility for ourselves. There is a lot people can do as individuals to help make the world a better place. We can start by considering the power of the mind, for example… Collective positive action works, Andy reminds us, and it is “time to step out of fear and stand up for liberty and truth, taking the best from the journey ahead, wherever it may lead us.”’  – Uncensored Magazine


Reviews - Kindred‘This book is an essential guide to the many mysteries, global cover-ups and prophecies of 21st century life. Thomas is a highly persuasive expert. His standpoint is not to promote cranky alien theories [but to explore] subjects ranging from the lunar landings to 9/11 via the shady goings on at Bohemian Grove… …He explores facts, discrepancies and hard evidence, inviting you to draw your own conclusions… …I found this utterly fascinating and will be barbequeing out on Thomas’s findings all summer… …This book is a triple-strength espresso-charged wake up call’ – Kindred Spirit


Reviews - Spirit and Destiny‘If you’ve ever thought there was more to 2012 prophecies, UFOs, crop circles and other unexplained mysteries, this is the book for you. From the pyramids of Egypt to visions of the future, Thomas explores the evidence that the whole truth is being kept from us, and looks at compelling reasons why. This book is full of important questions, highlighting a need to look much deeper into world events and wake up to what’s really going on. The author blows the cover on what he says are major cover-ups – for example, evidence of extra-terrestrial life and paranormal phenomena that’s held by governments around the world. It’s enough to leave you feeling hopeless and a bit scared about how much we’re being lied to. But thankfully, and rather brilliantly, Thomas explains how we can transform pessimism into positive action, and presents further incredible evidence for the power of collective positive thought. Utterly mind-blowing’ ***** [MUST-READ of the month] – Spirit & Destiny


Reviews - Fortean Times‘One of the admirable qualities of The Truth Agenda is the way in which Andy Thomas lays his cards on the table: the book is an ambitious attempt to do exactly what its subtitle proclaims [‘Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and 2012 Prophecies’]… …It develops a clear arc over the course of its four sections, culminating in what can be seen as a ‘truth seeker’ call to arms… …While I do not disbelieve that the Moon landings happened, I am more than half-convinced that the visual record has been tinkered with, and that NASA, so intent on selling it to the world, ended up making a rod for its own back. Thomas makes a good case for such a scenario here; and reminds us that governments do indeed lie to us…

…Ultimately, Thomas’s argument is that whether or not anything momentous takes place in 2012, we should be acting to alter the dominant, manipulative hegemony anyway, trying to develop a positive global consciousness as opposed to our current memetic one as mere worker ants. We should challenge and question, for simply by virtue of doing so we will ultimately effect global change… …The conspiracy theory tag for The Truth Agenda is unavoidable, but Thomas makes a concerted effort to avoid that reflective, mercury-like quality of so many conspiracy theories, which continually shift position to elude each new rational challenge put before them. With comprehensive notes, links and appendices, this is a useful overview of the current situation regarding some key ‘alternative’ topics’ – Fortean Times


Reviews - Soul and Spirit‘This accessible and comprehensive book is an excellent guide to conspiracy theories, unexplained mysteries and 2012 prophecies. It provides detailed and convincing illustrated insights into everything from UFOs to the 9/11 conspiracy theory – the chapter on which I would highly recommend’ – Soul & Spirit


Reviews - Caduceus‘[Andy Thomas] does a great job of presenting just about every conspiracy with commendable objectivity – and does our infiltrated civilization a great service by charting the course of a ‘truth agenda’ that highlights patterns of misinformation, disempowerment, control and surveillance… …There is no judgement, simply a very good sifting of information and provision of references… …There is material enough for an amateur psychological analysis of New Age and truth-seekers’ patterns of ‘belief’ founded on their own fears of control. After all, groups of thinkers create a ‘group-think’ that often extends to the re-writing of history and reconstruction of myths. But, commendably, Thomas does not attempt to do so.

Thomas’ command of the issues is exhaustive and well-referenced, such that anyone could follow the threads and make up their own minds… …The author ends with a stirring chapter on just how to combat the steady erosion of individual will and creativity and it is clear this is his prime motivation. The truth-seekers he wishes to rally must listen carefully to his request for sharp and alert minds and be watchful of their own propensity to project fears of control and desires to believe rather than use their own critical faculties. In this latter respect, the book strikes a good balance of empowerment alongside an array of very disturbing material’ – Caduceus


Reviews - Paradigm Shift‘This entertaining book scans a vast timeline from pyramid mysteries, crop circles and UFOs to a collection of modern conspiracy theories, such as the banking collapse, War on Terror, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the Moon landings. For those that question the official line, this is a superb book, full of fascination and wonder. The first part of the book presents an in-depth look at intriguing news stories. The latter part suggests a right-wing organisation is intent on causing global conflict and confusion. The author, Andy Thomas, makes no attempt, however, to convince us that we are being hoodwinked. He merely presents alternative views and leaves us to make up our own minds… …The last chapters suggest that we can take control of our own destiny through personal and collective responsibility. Andy Thomas is a skilful researcher, lecturer and writer and has many successful books about the unexplained to his credit…. …This book is written with a rare ability to articulate complex ideas in a simple way, is immensely well-researched and is immaculately presented, with over 100 colour photos. It is exceptional value for money and the best book on the subject I have read’ – Paradigm Shift


Logo - Sci & Med2‘This book explores a number of contentious topics, asking why so many people now believe in so-called conspiracy theories and what evidence there is to support them. Given the number of areas covered, readers will regard some as more central than others, which will go beyond their individual boggle thresholds: Egyptian technology, crop circles, UFOs, Marian apparitions, the surveillance society, doubts about the Moon landings, examples of government deception in connection with the Gulf War and 9/11, the campaign against natural medicine, and 2012. This is less wacky than it sounds, as there are interesting connections between a number of these themes, for instance the agenda to bring about a New World Order. Each topic is examined in some depth, and at the end the author suggests how the ‘truth agenda’ might be applied… …The fourth part mobilises some hope [about] the level of the power of collective thought and positive action… …The author joins the dots in a stimulating overview of our global situation’ Network Review (Scientific and Medical Network Journal)


Reviews - Western Daily Press‘A glossy, eye-catching production with scores of topical colour illustrations and a comprehensive appendix of online resources… …Intelligent and analytical, Andy Thomas’s balanced approach is to steer a middle course between conspiracy theory fanaticism on the one hand and, on the other, general public unawareness of the fascinating but sometimes confusing tapestry of hidden agendas and mysterious events that seem to be secretly shaping our world today… … A profoundly disturbing but ultimately uplifting handbook for these turbulent times of millennial psychic change’ – Western Daily Press


Review - NexusThe Truth Agenda is just the sort of book you need in order to make sense of the great mysteries and conspiracies of our times…  …Thomas asks why some subjects are considered “respectable” while others are shunned as”fringe nonsense”; his reply is cogent and well-informed… …This high-quality production, with colour photos throughout, is well referenced and has plenty of information for further research.’ – Nexus Magazine


Reviews - New View‘The attractive look and feel of the book – very clearly laid out, with clever use of colour and lots of full colour photographs – is matched by the clarity and solidity of the writing. This is not a sensationalist work… …It invites one to pick it up and browse. In terms of its breadth and depth it represents thousands of hours of research and compilation – all handled with a light but serious touch…. …The Truth Agenda is a timely and important book. Buy a copy, read it and pass it on.’ – New View


Hamish Miller‘An important book… …painstakingly researched with a restrained, balanced enquiry into many of the highly controversial matters which have been concerning us all for a number of years… …Andy’s work has confirmed in detail many of the findings of researchers who have been working on behalf of Parallel Community and we are grateful to him for his years of meticulous research’ – the late Hamish Miller, founder of The Parallel Community  


Ian R Crane‘With an ever increasing number of people voicing their concern that the world is sleepwalking into an Orwellian nightmare, The Truth Agenda raises important issues and asks highly pertinent questions, delving into subject matter routinely distorted or ignored by a compliant media.  Andy Thomas has produced a truly outstanding book, which will be essential reading for all who retain the power of critical thought – Ian R Crane, founder of The Alternative View


Marcus Allen‘Andy Thomas’ The Truth Agenda is clear, concise and comprehensive. As an overview of the subjects covered it is all you will need to become better informed about them and less likely to be influenced by hidden agendas – Marcus Allen, Nexus Magazine UK


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