To Publish or ‘Self-Publish’? Producing Books in the Alternative Sphere

As the author of a number of books on mysteries and truth issues, some produced by bigger publishers and others put out through his own Vital Signs Publishing, Andy Thomas is sometimes asked by new authors in the ‘alternative’ sphere whether they should find a publisher or set up their own outlet and put the book out themselves. The following notes about the pros and cons of issuing books in different ways might be useful to anyone looking for a little guidance

Surviving the Shock of the New

The seismic decision of Britain voting for ‘Brexit’ has been an enormous social and political shift, leaving many people feeling disorientated. Following his widely-read pre-vote articles, Andy Thomas concludes his unofficial trilogy on the EU vote by helping to make sense of what has happened and takes an impartial look at how we can all survive and thrive in this altered landscape – and avoid some classic divide-and-rule tactics

EU or Not EU: Reasoning the Issues

In this companion piece to his article ‘EU or not EU: Deciding with the Inner Voice’, which gives suggestions as to how undecided voters might find a clearer way forward, Andy Thomas here presents a helpful – and more partisan – summary of the actual issues over the EU vote and shares his own reasons for having come to a decision

EU or Not EU: Deciding With the Inner Voice

The polarisation around the crucial upcoming EU Referendum is leaving some people bewildered and uncertain as to which way to vote. What are the deeper reasons for this struggle, and how can we better know our own minds on the decision? In a balanced sharing, Andy Thomas suggests a helpful way of tuning in to our real feelings on the matter