Alternative Opinions on the 2020 Pandemic – A Balanced View

The arrival of COVID-19 has caused enormous distress and confusion around the world. Yet although the worst may now be over, many people in the ‘truth seeking’ world continue to question the official narrative of the pandemic and its causes, stimulating a draconian wave of public censorship which has severe implications for the future of free speech. Andy Thomas looks at how we can make sense of all the arguments and why they exist, and what the consequences of the current situation will be

A detailed interview with Andy about crop circles

The Italian alternative magazine ‘FENIX’ recently published a long interview with Andy Thomas about the current state of the crop circle phenomenon, which can now be read here in full. With the latest crop circle season having just begun, Andy challenges the view that the circle mystery is no longer relevant and addresses some false assumptions, while raising many fascinating under-discussed areas

To Publish or ‘Self-Publish’? Producing Books in the Alternative Sphere

As the author of a number of books on mysteries and truth issues, some produced by bigger publishers and others put out through his own Vital Signs Publishing, Andy Thomas is sometimes asked by new authors in the ‘alternative’ sphere whether they should find a publisher or set up their own outlet and put the book out themselves. The following notes about the pros and cons of issuing books in different ways might be useful to anyone looking for a little guidance