The Crop Circles of 2022

As we anticipate what the fields in 2023 may bring, Andy looks back on the summer of 2022, which produced some extraordinary and complex patterns in the fields, as contentious as ever. Yet there was a notable reduction in numbers and very few events outside of the usual English heartlands. What might this mean for the future of the phenomenon?

The Persistence of JFK Conspiracy Beliefs – an interview with Andy

Recent releases of official documents on the assassination of US President John F Kennedy in 1963 are unlikely to end the persistent speculation that more players than just a single fanatic were involved in his demise. Andy recently gave an interview for French magazine Inexpliqué on the JFK mysteries and the culture of doubt surrounding them

To Publish or Self-Publish? – Producing ‘Alternative’ Books

As the author of several books on mysteries and truth issues, many produced by bigger publishers but some through his own publishing arm, Andy looks at the best options for prospective authors in the ‘alternative’ sphere with projects they want to share with a wider readership – whether to try to find a publisher or to produce and distribute books themselves

The Crop Circles of 2021

With the 2022 crop circle season now under way, how will this fit into context with what happened the previous year..? This comprehensive round-up shows that the ever-controversial crop circles had a slightly quieter time in 2021 but still delivered some exceptional and inspirational patterns which continued to challenge conventional thinking…

The Crop Circles of 2020

As we get ready for the 2021 crop circle season, it is a good time to recap on what happened in 2020. Against all expectations, in a year of fear and pandemic restrictions, the circles flourished with their own agenda, throwing out surprises and even a few reflections on the events occurring around them, catching the eye of a new generation

Alternative Opinions on the 2020 Pandemic – A Balanced View

[UPDATED, Aug 2020] The arrival of COVID-19 has caused enormous distress and confusion around the world. Yet although the worst may now be over, many people in the ‘truth seeking’ world continue to question the official narrative of the pandemic and its causes, stimulating a draconian wave of public censorship which has severe implications for the future of free speech. Andy Thomas looks at how we can make sense of all the arguments and why they exist, and what the consequences of the current situation will be