A Full List of Books by Andy Thomas

Some of these books are available as signed copies by Andy and can be obtained directly by ordering online from Vital Signs Publishing.


(Books are listed in reverse original publication order):



Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World

(Watkins Publishing, 2021, 432 pages)

This passionate and timely book adds a nuanced voice into the circus of divisions currently tearing society apart over everything from conspiracy theories to our lack of trust in the media and establishment. It helps make sense of the rush towards an authoritarian drive on many sides which thinks, wrongly, that blotting out other people’s views makes them go away. The New Heretics goes far beyond the remit of its subtitle to examine precisely how and why we have become so split in numerous directions and explores why so many people now question all kinds of orthodoxy. It scrutinises the future of freedom of expression in a censorious world which seeks to close down discussion of everything alternative, from conspiracies to the paranormal, expanding into a truly thought-provoking and expansive treatise on our relationship to truth, technology, politics and the unexplained – and the future of humanity itself. Full details can be found here, and signed copies are available here.



The Facts – The Theories – The Evidence

(Watkins Publishing, 2019, revised and expanded edition, 321 pages)
(Original edition: Watkins Publishing, 2013, reprinted 2015 & 2017, 283 pages)

A comprehensive round-up of some of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories and the evidence behind them, Andy picks up on some of the themes in The Truth Agenda, but focuses solely on the ‘harder’ aspects, while delving into brand new areas. As well as looking at the social background to conspiracies, and their impact and implications, the book explores just why conspiracies continue to fascinate and why it is so important that the world takes it more seriously, laying bare the evidence in an accessible, balanced and stirring fashion. Full details can be found here, and signed copies are available here.




A Short History from Solstice to Santa

(Ivy Press, 2019, 144 pages)

In this intriguing and entertaining journey, Andy uncovers the fascinating background to the festive season, inspired by his annual seasonal presentations. From the ancient ceremonies of light in the darkness to the marking of the birth of a messiah, from medieval ‘misrule’ to Santas and sleighs, the time around the winter solstice has long been an occasion for rejoicing. Yet Christmas traditions have splintered into many guises and seasonal celebration was even banned in Puritan times. This beautiful full colour hardback book tells the fuller story behind the sparkle and merriment and shows why, for all the modern commercialisation, Christmas has survived and still has meaning for us today. Originally published as a limited edition paperback by Vital Signs Publishing in 2017, this redesigned global edition is available through all book retailers in the English-speaking world. Signed copies are available here.



Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and Visions for a New Era

(Vital Signs Publishing, 2009, revised & updated 2011, updated and expanded 2013, 404 pages. US edition published by Adventures Unlimited, 2015)

Truth Agenda 2013.inddAn extraordinary and accessible overview of alternative views, paranormal mysteries, conspiracy theories and the belief of many that the world is now undergoing a ‘New Era’ of massive transformation, as prophesied by several ancient cultures. Widely acclaimed as the best guide of its kind, with many full colour illustrations, it literally makes sense of what can sometimes seem overwhelming and complex areas, pulling the threads together in an easily understandable format. The Truth Agenda has been very influential and was, for a few years, adopted as a sociology textbook at Canada’s Vancouver Island University. Full details can be found here, and signed copies are available here.




(Wessex Books, 2004, revised 2011, reprinted 2015, 58 pages)

Intro to CCs - FRONT.inddA concise and fascinating guide to the ever-enduring and always controversial crop circle mystery, the main issues and theories around it are all outlined here in an informed and accessible style. Originally published in 2004, with Andy as editor, this full colour book was entirely revised and updated in an improved and more comprehensive layout in 2011 with Andy as sole author. An Introduction to Crop Circles is a consistent bestseller in many British tourist outlets and is a both a perfect starting point for newcomers and a good refresher for aficionados. The book includes the only ‘crop circle timeline’ available in print; an at-a-glance chronology of the mystery’s development year-by-year, detailing many important moments in the continuing evolution of both the phenomenon itself and the thinking around it. Details and signed copies are available here.



The Power of Collective Thought and Signs of Our Times

(SB Publications/Vital Signs Publishing, 2003, 144 pages)

OnenessMindcov This book collects together some edited transcripts of Andy’s pioneering presentations at the renowned Glastonbury Symposium conference (see here). Reaching towards the themes which would eventually culminate in The Truth AgendaA Oneness of Mind sowed important seeds in the developmental path of Andy’s work, looking at some of the key issues and problems in the world which could be resolved by both positive thought and collective action. A little more basic than his later writings, there are still some constructive ideas here, expressed with honesty and wit. Illustrated with photos of some of the more theatrical moments of Andy’s renowned lectures (hence the somewhat odd cover of him holding a gun with his head stuck through a TV set!), the compilation of this material marked an important turning point for Andy’s future direction. Details and signed copies are available here.



Views from the Crop Circle Frontline

(SB Publications/Vital Signs Publishing, 2003, 176 pages)

SwirledHarvestcovPublished simultaneously with A Oneness of Mind, Swirled Harvest is an intriguing compilation of articles written by Andy for SC journal and the Swirled News website between 1992-2001, together with one brand new piece. Primarily covering the crop circle mystery, but also other aspects of paranormal research, it takes the time to explore some less-covered aspects of the circle world, such as the manipulative media response to the phenomenon or the sometimes curious vagaries of mystery aficionados themselves. The selection contains the most detailed analysis yet published of the highly controversial 1996 video of a crop formation appearing, while other events such as the impact of the 2002 Mel Gibson blockbuster crop circle film Signs are examined. Swirled Harvest makes for a valuable and occasionally hilarious document, which serves as good training for anyone considering becoming more deeply involved in the ‘alternative’ world. Online ordering can be found here.



A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery

(SB Publications, 1998/2002 [UK], Frog Ltd, 2002 [US], 192 pages)

vital_signsThis broad overview of the crop circle phenomenon has been hailed widely as the definitive guide and was published in UK, US and Spanish editions. Containing many colour photos and diagrams, Vital Signs gives a comprehensive history of the circles and explores most of the possible theories that might account for the mystery, whilst making a robust case that it cannot all be accounted for by human activity. Its sharp analysis and evidence-based discussion, picking up on Andy’s live presentational style, made the subject palatable to a much broader audience than many other books on crop circles, and it is still used as a ‘standard text’ by many researchers. Updated and expanded in 2002, this version was nominated for Kindred Spirit’s Best Book awards. Details, with online ordering links, can be found here.



A True Story of Crop Circles, Psychics and UFOs

(co-written with Paul Bura, SB Publications, 1997, 144 pages)

Quest1-1Co-authored with the late Paul Bura, Quest For Contact is a more personal document recording investigations carried out by Andy, Paul and other members of the Southern Circular Research team between 1992-1995 in an effort to psychically interact with whatever forces might be behind the crop circles. Told in a chronological and almost novel-like style, the book records their remarkable attempts to film a crop formation appearing and relates the successes, failures, camaraderie and extraordinary occurrences and sightings that punctuated the team’s three-year project. Though a more specialist work than Fields of Mystery (below), many found this indirect sequel, illustrated with numerous photos, a moving and motivating document that inspired other circle enthusiasts to try similar experiments around the world. Online ordering can be found here.



The Crop Circle Phenomenon in Sussex

(SB Publications, 1996, 96 pages)

Books - Fields of MysteryAndy’s first book came about when the director of the Sussex-based SB Publications approached him after watching a live presentation Andy had given on crop circles. Focusing mainly on the various crop formations which had appeared in East and West Sussex up to that point, Fields of Mystery relates their details and records the work carried out by Southern Circular Research, of which Andy was a founder member. Already editor of the then monthly circle journal SC (Sussex Circular), Andy applied his knowledge and experience to produce a useful record of the fascinating and strange events in the Sussex fields, with many photos and diagrams. The book sold well and found an audience beyond the local shelves, raising much wider awareness of Andy and his work. Online ordering can be found here.



Local history books by Andy Thomas

Books - Streets of FireBooks - Souvenir GuideIn addition to his fascination with mystery subjects, Andy has produced four books on his birth town of historical Lewes in East Sussex, England, copiously illustrated with his own colourful photographs. Streets of Fire (SB Publications, 1999, 76 pages, available here) was an intimate portrait of the complex and spectacular local Bonfire Night celebrations, unrivalled anywhere in the world, while The Lewes Flood (SB Publications, 2001, 52 pages, foreword by Norman Baker MP, available here) was an account of the disaster which hit the town in 2000; the book raised thousands of pounds for the consequent local Flood Relief charity. Lewes – A Souvenir Guide (SB Publications, 2007, 86 pages, available here) is a photo-based record of the history, sights and everyday life of Lewes, while its partial-sequel Lewes on the Fifth (SB Publications, 2008, 74 pages, available here) returns to the subject of Bonfire Night, but this time focusing on the visual impact of the event. Widening the local history theme, Andy’s book Brighton and Hove – A Pictorial Guide (SB Publications, 2009, 90 pages, available here) celebrates the nearby city of Brighton in the same colourful format.

Books - Lewes FloodBooks - Lewes on FifthBooks - Brighton-Hove


Books featuring Andy Thomas

Beyond The MatrixBeyond The Matrix (North Atlantic Books, 2010, 433 pages), by well-known Italian-US author and spiritual talk show host Patrica Cori, subtitled Daring Conversations With the Brilliant Minds of Our Times, features a full-length interview with Andy on his crop circle investigation work, amongst chapters on luminaries such as astronaut Edgar Mitchell, astrophysicist Michio Kaku, New Age guru Drunvalo Melchizedek and UFO investigator Stanton T Friedman. The book, now translated into several languages, is a good compendium of many key alternative subjects. Details, with online ordering links, can be found here.

News - Circles Open CaseCrop Circles: An Open Case (Elizabeth Zollinger, 2012, 192 pages), by Elizabeth Zollinger, features another interview with Andy amongst dialogues with other researchers, and Andy is widely quoted throughout the general text from his books and articles over the years, in support of a non-sceptical view of the ongoing circle phenomenon. The book confronts the controversies and debunkers head-on and provides a good case for the circles’ continuing status as an unsolved mystery. Details, with online ordering links, can be found here.

Books - Strange TimesStrange Times (Nexus Magazine, 2006, 240 pages) is a best-of compilation of features and articles from Nexus Magazine and includes several of Andy’s year-by-year reports on the crop circle seasons from 1999-2004. (Out of print.)



Forewords by Andy Thomas

Andy has also written forewords for several books by different authors over the years, including Forbidden Science (UPSO, 2004, 226 pages, available here), by Ian C Baillie, Crop Circles: History, Research and Theories (Wessex Books, 2011, 218 pages, available here), by Eva-Marie Brekkesto, and The Secret History of Crop Circles (CCCS, 1998, 160 pages, republished as an updated e-book 2015, available here), by Terry Wilson.


Books edited by Andy Thomas

Andy has edited a number of books, including Joeb: Servant of Gaia (Symbol Creations, 1995, 64 pages, out of print), by Paul Bura, Stepping to the Drummer (Bosgo Press, 2000, 149 pages, available here), by Paul Bura, and Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy (Vital Signs Publishing, 2005, 352 pages) by Geoff Stray. Still widely considered the best overview of the prophecies which said that 2012 would be the start of big changes for the world, which many now find hard to argue with, Beyond 2012 is highly recommended to anyone still trying to understand what the prophecies for our times are really all about. Details, with online ordering links, can be found here.

A Future World VisionMost recently Andy has edited and published A Future World Vision, by Richard Smith (Vital Signs Publishing, 2015, 274 pages), a very readable and accessible guide to simple but crucial changes the world can make to positively move important things forward, socially, politically, economically and practically – a timely and useful handbook for extraordinary times. Details, with online ordering links and signed copies can be found here.