Andy at the UFO World Congress in Spain

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Andy recently addressed the UFO World Congress at Barcelona in Spain …

Andy was invited to speak at this annual event in Barcelona between 14-16 June [pictured], and the event was a great success. Other speakers included military UFO whistleblower Colonel Robert Salas, UFO researcher Gary Heseltine and EU MP-turned UFO/UAP disclosure campaigner Francisco Guerreiro, amongst many other excellent international speakers.

Andy spoke about how the new campaign for openness on the UFO disclosure subject is helping to encourage renewed interest in the crop circle phenomenon, and he related some of the history of the circles for those new to them and discussed their potential significance in this current world of huge change.

Andy says: “It was a pleasure to address the UFO World Congress, where there was a wonderful mix of presenters and attendees from all around Europe and other parts of the world. Thanks especially to those of you who signed up to my emailing list at the event – it was excellent to meet you all and your interest is very appreciated.”