Glastonbury Symposium 2024 – this July

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Andy is a key organiser of the long-running Glastonbury Symposium ‘Expand Your Horizons’ gathering, held this year 26-28 July, and a new promotional video for it is now available to watch. Don’t miss this chance to meet with like-minded individuals in a unique and atmospheric environment …

Walk through the doors of Glastonbury Town Hall between 26-28 July this summer and you will find yourself in another world. With colourful banners hanging from the ornate walls and atmospheric lighting creating a cocoon of otherness, you will have entered the Glastonbury Symposium, the annual three-day ‘Expand Your Horizons’ event, which has been attracting international attendees and high quality speakers for a remarkable 34 years.

For all the wonders of the online world, live gatherings with real human beings remain important. The Symposium encompasses many mysteries, cover-ups and new thinking about numerous crucial areas of life, spiritual, geopolitical and scientific. Never ones to shy away from controversy (within reasonable boundaries), debates on free expression and a resistance to the current wave of suffocating censorship have become another central core that its organisers are keen to preserve. Run by a dedicated team and fronted by Andy Thomas, everyone involved shares the aim of providing a richly satisfying weekend of food for thought, food for the soul and actual (good) food, served in the Town Hall café. And the schedule always (barring calamities) runs to time …

Browsing through this year’s subjects alone gives a clear indication of the Symposium’s wide-ranging remit as it investigates latest official revelations on UFOs, new discoveries on ancient mysteries, global control agendas, quantum spirituality, the Holy Grail, the freeing power of music, Chartres Cathedral, cryptocurrency, atomic geometry, relationships, AI, ETs, astrology and herbalism, wider views on current events … and, of course, crop circles, the event’s initial spark when it began in 1990, including exclusive premiere excerpts of a brand new circle documentary from award-winning director Will Nott.

Among the many other excellent presenters, specific highlights include Australian Holy Grail seeker and lover of Glastonbury Tanishka: The Moon Woman, renowned ancient sites expert Andrew Collins, truthseeker and 180 Degrees author Feargus O’Connor Greenwood, UFO disclosure expert Alan Foster, Glastonbury’s own freedom campaigner Sandi Adams, and classical musician and champion of free expression Piers Adams (no relation), the world’s most renowned recorder player.

Andy will himself be presenting his annual one-off lecture on the Saturday morning of 27 July, at 9.30am, encapsulating the important issues of the moment.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the Glastonbury Symposium for yourself. If you can’t make it in person, the whole event is live-streamed and can be watched in real-time around the globe in your own homes. Weekend or day tickets can be bought; individual lecture entry is available over the weekend, spaces allowing, and there is free public access to the stalls rooms.

All details and online booking can be found at

Watch the video below for a whisk through this year’s programme!