Andy returns to Coast to Coast AM

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Coast to Coast AM, based in Los Angeles, is the USA’s most prominent radio show which deals with the unexplained, cover ups and new thinking. This week Andy returned to the show, presented by the renowned George Noory, to discuss UFOs/UAPs, the paranormal, The New Heretics and the huge changes Artificial Intelligence is likely to bring to us all soon …

The show, which has a huge listenership around the world, can be heard in full online for free – all you need do is sign in to Coast to Coast‘s (also free) emailing list. Andy comes in for the second two hours of the show for a comprehensive discussion that touches on many important issues of these times, including paranormal experiences, the recent ups and downs in the world of official UFO disclosure and the implications of these and possible links with the imminent technological revolution that has already begun.

Here the show at: