Andy elaborates on AI on the Ickonic channel

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Andy was recently the main guest on the Ickonic channel’s Classified show with Richard Willett, discussing further the dreams – and nightmares for freedom – that artificial intelligence could bring …

The clip below is from a programme that debuted in late September, when Andy was the guest on Richard Willett’s latest Classified show on the popular Ickonic channel (run by Gareth and David Icke), discussing all aspects of the current rise of artificial intelligence and its potentially huge threat to freedom and our way of life.

How do we ensure that rigid algorithms do not exclude alternative views and how do we keep human consciousness at the top of the agenda, identifying the gifts that digital ‘thinking’ will never attain? This crucial debate is a valuable expansion of the themes Andy explored in his recent Glastonbury Symposium presentation, which has helped draw attention to the fact that AI is set to overturn our world and that those who question orthodoxy will be especially vulnerable to its influence. There is hope, but people need to stand up for clear boundaries of free expression NOW.

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