Andy and Richard Vobes on the future of AI

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This week Andy appeared back on the very popular Richard Vobes YouTube show, on the theme of the present and future of Artificial Intelligence and the dreams and nightmares it is likely to bring…

As discussed in Andy’s recent Glastonbury Symposium presentation and in his book The New Heretics, AI is now the hottest of topics. Believing that this technology will not personally affect us or the world we live in is no longer an option and debating NOW, rather than later, who controls the algorithms and shapes the orthodoxy that will drive the course of AI is a crucial area, as discussed in a lively but real way here by Andy and the entertaining but always authentic Richard Vobes, now respected for giving huge coverage to underreported beliefs and interests.

The recent US Congressional hearings on UFOs/UAPs are also touched on, looking at the huge effect a combination of both ET revelations and AI leaps might have on society… Watch the interview below: