Andy’s lecture on Artificial Intelligence

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Andy’s talk on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Freedom’ at the 2023 Glastonbury Symposium is now available to watch on YouTube…

We have to wait until later in the year for more videos from this year’s Symposium to go up, but as a small taster, Andy’s very well received presentation, which shocked some of the audience with its implications, has now been uploaded to view.

In this very timely exploration of a key subject, Andy identifies some of the urgent challenges facing society and the way we are governed, all of which are about to be thrown into relief by the transformational power of artificial intelligence and especially how it will affect ‘alternative’ thinkers. We are told that AI could bring the human race freedom from many burdens – but who will decide on the orthodoxies that the algorithms will follow, as they begin to determine all available knowledge?

As AI threatens to make us redundant in our own world, with huge social and economic consequences, what will freedom even mean in a world where biology and technology become merged? Expanding on themes explored in Andy’s book The New Heretics, he outlines some of the massive dilemmas AI is presenting – using practical demonstrations – and considers which gifts may yet remain unique to organic life. Some of the AI nightmare scenarios postulated by science fiction may yet be avoided…

Watch the talk below: