Andy on the Congressional UFO hearings

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Andy recently appeared back on the Jacqui Deevoy Show with renowned alien abductee Whitley Strieber to discuss the unexpected growth in acknowledgement by the US government that ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ are real after all…

The show, which runs on the Unity News Network, discusses the latest developments regarding the remarkable US Congressional Hearings on UFOs (or UAPs) this July, where three US officials, two high-ranking pilots and an ex-intelligence officer, gave some quite astonishing testimony that we are very definitely not alone and that a new openness on the subject is required.

Joining Andy on the show were the very well known Communion author and alien abductee Whitley Strieber and new alien contactee Phil Graham to talk through some of their experiences and discuss their possible bearing on just why US authorities are slowly beginning to open up – just a little more – on the subject.

Watch this two hour special below: