Andy returns to the Penned Up prison festival

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Over the years Andy has given live presentations on mysteries and conspiracies in UK prisons under the Penned Up arts scheme, which aims to stimulate new interests and goals amongst the inmates, and this initiative has recently been revived…

Andy says: “I have recently given new lectures at HMP High Down in Surrey and HMP Erlestoke in Wiltshire, where other presenters included the well-known singer-songwriter Nick Cave. This is a project I am happy to support, as I believe that locking people up for hours on end with no stimulation or inspiration is not a recipe for creating better citizens; introducing them to new ideas and (in my case) fresh views on the world we live in to give them something new to go for, cutting through increasingly enforced and closed-minded orthodoxies along the way, as discussed in The New Heretics, can only be a good thing and I applaud the organisers of Penned Up for their work.”

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