Videos from the 2022 Glastonbury Symposium

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Videos of speakers from last summer’s Glastonbury Symposium (including Andy’s) are now available to watch for a limited time, for free, all in one place, covering a wide variety of important and underreported topics…

Andy Thomas and his wife Helen Sewell are the co-presenters of the annual Glastonbury Symposium ‘Expand Your Horizons’ event, which has now been running for 33 years. Within the next month, the exciting speaker line-up for this year’s Glastonbury Symposium, to be held 28-30 July 2023, will be announced.

However, as a taster to remind people of the excellent speakers featured at last year’s event, the videos of many of 2022’s presentations are, for a limited period, now available to watch for free on the official Symposium YouTube channel … Go to this link to find all of the newest videos at the top of the page, with many other fascinating archive ones below:

Enjoy here an amazing and intriguing mix of different subjects and approaches from an array of top quality presenters on everything from the paranormal, psychic phenomena and healing to crop circles, UFOs, truth and freedom issues, near-death experiences, shamanism and geopolitics.

Please note that some of these videos will remain on this page but others might move around to other links in due course (because of the way the  Symposium shares them), so make sure to watch as many of them now while they’re all there in one place to find!

General information on the event can be found at: