New Heretics article/review in Caduceus Magazine

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A substantial review of Andy’s book The New Heretics features in the latest edition of leading alternative journal Caduceus

Founded back in 1987, Caduceus is a well-known and respected magazine with a special emphasis on new thinking and spirituality. Written by well-known shaman and mental health campaigner Jez Hughes, his article and review on New Heretics is erudite and thoughtful and perfectly identifies its central themes.

The piece kindly describes it as “a rich, compelling and deeply timely book, one that should be on the must-read list of anyone interested in the underlying forces driving human society at this pivotal moment in history,” adding that it explores “in great detail and with extensive research changes in society, censorship and worrying losses of freedoms”.

Caduceus is available in many magazine retail outlets, mainstream and alternative, while details of the journal can be found at