Video of Andy’s 2022 Glastonbury Symposium talk

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Andy’s annual address at this year’s Glastonbury Symposium, looking at the state of alternative thinking and its relation to current events, is now available to watch on YouTube…

For many years, Andy has opened the Saturday morning of this very established event, and this year his talk, entitled The New Heretics: Polarisation, Alternative Thinking and Freedom, highlights the way that freedom of expression and the right to question orthodoxy is being destroyed by an establishment that seems to believe suppression actually changes people’s minds. In turn, the belief of alternative thinkers that everyday politicians and official versions of mainstream global events have no validity at all may be equally misplaced. A balance is needed between the two approaches.

Some of Andy’s observations, recorded before the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the selection of new Prime Minister Liz Truss, rather quickly turned out to be prescient… Watch the video below. (Unless, with great irony, it is quickly taken down in this noted age of censorship, as one of Andy’s other recent talks has been, for all his very balanced approach.)