In-depth review of The New Heretics

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A substantial and very positive article on, and review of, Andy’s book The New Heretics is available to read on the website

Written by well-known alternative journalist Geoff Ward, this substantial and very thoughtful piece, entitled Schism: the ‘new heresy’ versus the ‘new orthodoxy’, sees the writer add his own interesting layers of analysis to the book’s themes concerning free expression and the unwise blanket censorship now gripping mainstream thinking. The article is a worthwhile read in its own right and can be found at:

Here is how the article describes The New Heretics:

Essential reading in our dangerously compromised times, The New Heretics is exceptionally well-informed and has that hard-to-put-down quality that confirms it as a must-read for anyone interested in the bewildering state of Western culture and society today. It’s level-headed, wise and deeply insightful.

In a laudably even-handed way, Andy explores how and why challenging those who rule has taken off to the degree it has … at the same time, his book is a forthright and timely stand for freedom of expression in its call for an understanding of those who challenge orthodoxy.