Article by Andy in Cygnus Review

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The latest Cygnus Review magazine has a dedicated article by Andy expanding on the themes of The New Heretics…

Cygnus Review is renowned as a magazine and catalogue which collects together and highlights new books on all kinds of ‘alternative’ matters and also features specially written articles by authors. In his own piece in the Winter 2022 issue, entitled A Hopeful Way Forward, Andy shares his thoughts on why he wrote his new book The New Heretics and why the issues contained within it matter so much at this time.

The magazine also reviews the book, saying: “It opens broad conversations and looks beyond unhelpful layers of bias to try to bridge the divides between humans and find more insightful ways for us to communicate with each other and move forward together. This is a very current topic but this book can help guide us through the labyrinth and this is the author’s speciality.”

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