Article by Andy in ‘Mind Body Spirit’ magazine

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The latest edition of Mind Body Spirit magazine features a specially-written article by Andy on the themes of The New Heretics book and its wider implications…

This specially-written standalone piece is a good summing up of the themes of The New Heretics and will hopefully reach some new readers who are not used to nuanced discussion of truth and mysteries debates.

Mind Body Spirit, published by Watkins, covers a broad range of fascinating alternative topics and is widely available from most major newsagents. Details and online ordering can be found here.

Here is the opening paragraph…

We live in a highly divided world. Everywhere we look, polarized views predominate, as each side shouts across to a demonised ‘other’, refusing to apply nuance nor making any attempt to understand why someone might have different opinions. This is illustrated most vividly by the accelerating standoff between ‘alternative’ approaches and establishment thinking, especially if it strays into anything that might be labelled conspiracy theory. This is creating a stream of ‘new heretics’ through suppression and bias. Is there another way forward?