Music by Andy now fully online

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Wider highlights of Andy’s former career as a composer and musician are now available to watch/listen to on the new Thomas and Swingland YouTube channel, from atmospheric instrumentals to thoughtful pop…

Before becoming a truth and mysteries author, Andy Thomas worked with David Swingland composing and recording music, from electronic instrumentals to soulful pop songs, for different projects between 1982–1996. The new Thomas and Swingland YouTube channel (links below) collects together some of the best examples from the later period of this work.

More information on the background to Andy’s music can be found here.

Working with vocalist Nicki Catterall in the early 1990s, Andy and David created glossy songs that would lyrically anticipate some themes from Andy’s later books, while at the same time, they also produced two instrumental themed albums, 1992’s Music for Crop Circles and 1994’s Earth Changes albums, which were commercially released in the UK and US. Both instrumental albums are available to listen to on the YouTube channel, with full information and brand new animated videos, while the best of the songs from this period and a few extra instrumentals (and one new 2019 song from Andy) can also be heard there.

Go to the Thomas and Swingland channel here or run the playlists directly below: