‘The New Heretics’ is out now!

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Andy’s illuminating new book The New Heretics is out now in the UK and US, published by the renowned Watkins Publishing, available both as a paperback and an audiobook …

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The New Heretics, published by the renowned Watkins Publishing, is the only book produced by a mainstream company today that dares to stand up for real truth seekers and genuine free speech. This passionate and timely book adds a nuanced voice into the circus of divisions currently tearing society apart over everything from conspiracy theories to our lack of trust in the media and establishment. It helps make sense of the rush towards an authoritarian drive on many sides which thinks, wrongly, that blotting out other people’s views makes them go away.

Subtitled ‘Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World’, The New Heretics goes far beyond this remit to lift the lid on precisely how and why we have become so split in numerous directions and explores why so many people now question all kinds of orthodoxy. Without overt judgement of individuals’ views, the book scrutinises the future of freedom of expression in a censorious world which seeks to close down discussion of everything alternative, from conspiracies to the paranormal, expanding into a truly thought-provoking and expansive treatise on our relationship to truth, technology, politics and the unexplained – and the future of humanity itself.

The book is available at these links:

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US Amazon

Or author-signed copies are available from Andy’s own Vital Signs Publishing

And the audio book, read by actor Richard Lyddon, can be found here


Further Information

The New Heretics unfolds naturally from some of the themes explored in Andy’s previous books Conspiracies and The Truth Agenda but adds many more layers to get to the deeper fundamentals. At 432 pages, this substantial but accessible and illuminating paperback (with a robust references section) will help many people to comprehend exactly what is going on right now and proposes constructive methods to define truth and avoid divisive kneejerk opinions, offering a new and more hopeful way forward which allows all voices to be heard.

This book will be for you if you are wanting to gain a balanced understanding about any of the following, without any underlying agenda other than wanting to have a sensible discussion about the discussions with a view to grasping the wider implications of both the belief in them and the many attempts to suppress those beliefs…

QAnon · the US Capitol invasion · COVID-19 · vaccine controversies · alternative facts · Agenda 2030 and the ‘Great Reset’ · 5G and EMF sensitivity · climate debates · censorship issues · ‘cancel culture’ and ‘woke’ thinking · 9/11 truth issues · paranormal beliefs (UFOs, crop circles, astrology, psi phenomena) … and much more