‘The New Heretics’ – preview video

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Andy Thomas’s new book, The New Heretics, is due out in December 2021 but a new video takes an advanced peek at the book itself, and why its content matters …

A new video has been posted onto YouTube of Andy (genuinely) opening the very first copy of his forthcoming book The New Heretics (due December 2021, published by Watkins Publishing) and giving a brief outline of its content and why the book is so necessary.

Subtitled ‘Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World’, Heretics is a balanced and reasoned investigation into the rise of divisive theories and deep global polarization in many areas, lucidly explaining why this is happening, what the arguments really are and why free speech must be preserved – and how schisms could be remedied.

More on the book, with Amazon links for advance orders, can be found here.

Meanwhile, watch the video below: