Andy in conversation with parapsychologist Terje G Simonsen

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For the 2021 online Glastonbury Symposium, Andy conducted an interview with leading psi and paranormal researcher Terje G Simonsen. This, and other videos from the event, are now available to watch…

Norwegian paranormal researcher Terje’s much-acclaimed book A Short History of (Nearly) Everything Paranormal explores the key science behind parapsychology and why it needs to be taken far more seriously. In this illuminating chat with Terje, the main themes of his book and work are explored and viewers get a better grasp of some important research which appears to prove beyond doubt that psychic phenomena and other strange experiences are very real.

Watch the video here or directly at at:



Meanwhile, other videos from the 2021 online Symposium are also available to watch:

Andy Thomas‘s own presentation, which looks at the key so-called ‘alternative’ views of our times and how both the media and authorities are continuing their efforts to remove them from public view with censorship and ridicule, can be watched at:

Irish truth campaigner and comedian Gordon Rochford’s lively (with sometimes frank language!) dissertation on the current issues troubling truth seekers today, delivered with humour and passion, can be watched at:

Sandi Adams’s powerful presentation on the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 (originally Agenda 21) and ‘The Great Reset’ reveals clearly why although both projects promise sustainability they actually threaten enforced equality and undermine the very concept of personal freedom, and this can be watched at:

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