New presentation by Andy available to watch

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Andy Thomas’s 2021 online presentation for the Glastonbury Symposium on current events, censorship and ‘alternative’ views is now available to watch on YouTube…

Andy’s annual addresses for the renowned and long-running ‘truth, mysteries and new frontiers’ event have for many become a welcome yearly assessment of the state of truth and mysteries research and its always uneasy relationship to mainstream opinions.

In this timely presentation entitled Nutcases! – Truth, Lies and Balance, Andy anticipates the themes of his forthcoming book The New Heretics and looks at the key so-called ‘alternative’ views of our times and how both the media and authorities are continuing their efforts to remove them from public view with censorship and ridicule. From the US Capitol invasion, pandemic controversies and vaccine passports to crop circles and UFOs, we are constantly faced with dilemmas of what to believe and the freedom of speech issues that follow.

However, calling those who hold non-mainstream opinions “nutcases” – now a common ploy which fails to address anything and doesn’t make those views go away – creates a dangerous atmosphere of polarity which only stimulates extremism. In this video lecture, Andy suggests ways in which both sides could find a better balance of approach when definitive answers remain elusive and everyone is trying to sell their own version of ‘truth’ without facts or certainty…

Watch the video here: