New book! – ‘The New Heretics’, due December 2021

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Andy’s new magnum opus, The New Heretics: Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World, is due for publication this coming December…

Andy Thomas has not been idle during the lockdowns … Concerned at the world of polarity, censorship and misunderstanding of ‘alternative’ views which has risen alarmingly in recent times, as illustrated by the US Capitol invasion, pandemic claims and counterclaims and other huge controversies (see below), he has written a book which addresses exactly why all this is happening – and how the fallout from it  can be dealt with in far more constructive ways. Silencing people does not make difficult views vanish; if we don’t hear them out and properly comprehend why so many people are now challenging convention, we risk creating a harsh Orwellian world of heavily controlled centralisation. But other, better paths are available to humanity …

Due for publication by Watkins Publishing in December 2021, The New Heretics unfolds naturally from some of the themes already explored in Andy’s books Conspiracies and The Truth Agenda but adds many more layers to really get to the deeper fundamentals of what runs beneath many current schisms, expanding into a truly thought-provoking and expansive treatise on the entire future of truth and freedom – and the human race. At 432 pages, this is Andy’s longest and most ambitious book to date.

Official information on the book follows:


The New Heretics is the most balanced and well-reasoned investigation available into the rise of divisive conspiracy theories and global polarization.

Conspiracy theorists are now being branded the new heretics, threatening the fabric of modern society. Yet they call themselves “truth seekers” and see the mainstream establishment as the real enemy, its harsh censorship directly validating their views.

Many ordinary people have lost trust in politicians and the media, as nuanced debate is crushed and information overload and manipulation breed uncertainty, civil unrest and mental health issues. What will free speech mean in a technocratic future?

Using his extensive experience of negotiating disputes between cynics and truth seekers, Andy Thomas explores the conspiracy mindset, peeling back unhelpful layers of bias on all sides to find constructive ways to bridge the polarized divides.

The New Heretics covers many subjects, including:

QAnon · the US Capitol invasion · COVID-19 · vaccine controversies · alternative facts · the ‘Great Reset’ · 5G and EMF sensitivity · climate debates · censorship issues · ‘cancel culture’ · 9/11 · paranormal beliefs (UFOs, crop circles, astrology, psi phenomena) … and much more.


The book can already be pre-ordered from Amazon here (US Amazon here). More information will be available nearer the time. Watch this space.