Andy in short film on UFOs

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A short film starring Andy, entitled ‘U.F.O. Real?’ is now available to watch online and makes a case for why UFOs should be taken a little more seriously, presented in a novel and entertaining way…

Back in 2018, Andy was interviewed by MA film students at the University of Birmingham for a project which, for varying reasons, was not completed at the time. Now, its director Bailey Walker has reassembled the footage into a fun but informative black and white short film which can be watched for free online.

Given that the US military has recently been releasing more details on what it now calls “UAPs” (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – not too different to UFOs…) the arrival of this four and a half minute-long film is perfect timing.

U.F.O. Real? presents its subject in the style of the famous 1950s film director Ed Wood as if it were rediscovered “lost” footage from long ago, as an interview with Andy (complete with newsreel-style sound) is intercut with film clips and makes the case that there are good reasons why people believe in UFOs and that some conspiracy theories about them shouldn’t be entirely dismissed.

Watch the film here: