New video presentations by Andy… and Rupert Sheldrake

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In summer 2020, instead of a live gathering the Glastonbury Symposium held a special online conference, including Andy’s annual address about current events and his exclusive interview with the renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake. These, and more, are now available to watch for free…

Entitled Snowblind, Andy’s own talk investigates some of the many issues arising from recent times and the debates over the pandemic and its huge consequences for truth and freedom. With populations being curiously ‘snowblinded’ by being told over and over again just how ‘unprecedented’ these times are, is this a clever ploy to persuade us to go along with things we wouldn’t normally accept, as all usual calibration points are swept away and censorship reigns supreme..?

Watch the presentation here:

Later the same day, Andy conducted an interview with very special guest Rupert Sheldrake, the renowned author, scientist and researcher whose work on telepathy, intuition and ‘morphic resonance’ has challenged the rejection of such things by rampant scientism. Guided by Andy, Rupert talks through the many fascinating aspects of his work and highlights potentially crucial areas that, if properly investigated by other scientists as Rupert believes they eventually will be, could change our entire conception of how the universe works. Lucid and inspirational, Rupert speaks openly on what he calls ‘the science delusion’, entertainingly and insightfully challenging the increasingly unhelpful dogma of so-called ‘peer review’.

Watch this presentation here:

And for those with an interest in astrological matters, Andy’s wife, psychological astrologer Helen Sewell, conveys the huge celestial undercurrents these times and points out some of the clear correlations with recent happenings.

Watch this presentation here:

The videos also include Q&As with participants. Enjoy!