Andy’s ‘Nexus’ report on the 2020 crop circles

Andy’s latest report on the extraordinary crop circles of this season just past can now be read in the latest edition of Nexus Magazine

Anyone who listened to a recent edition of BBC Radio 4’s weekly sneer-fest The News Quiz will have heard comedian Lloyd Langford state “You can say what you like about 2020 but there haven’t been many crop circles this year” – presumably to infer a sceptical view of the origins of this ever-controversial mystery in a lockdown year. This was, of course, another direct media lie about the circle phenomenon – it was in fact  a good year for crop circles, with the arrival of over 40 ingenious and extraordinary designs in the fields of England and several more around the world, actually making the total higher than the year before.

If you would like to find out the real story of this year’s crop circles, Andy’s annual detailed report on the events of the season, complete with wonderful full colour spreads, can be found in the latest edition of Nexus Magazine (Oct-Nov 2020) which is widely available in mainstream newsagents around the UK and many other outlets in the USA and Australia – and can be downloaded online from