A word about masks…

If anyone out there has seen this ‘Truth Agenda’ mask while out and about, and come here to look, then welcome to the website of Andy Thomas, who encourages a wider debate about the current pandemic measures and many other things besides…

Says Andy:

I had these masks printed up to make a point. Many people are currently objecting to the enforced wearing of masks in specific public places in a claimed effort to restrict the spread of COVID-19. Others, of course, believe the measure is necessary and makes the world safer.

This website does not recommend that anyone disobeys the laws of a land nor goes against World Health Organisation recommendations – but it does believe that there is still a huge under-explored debate about both the long-term safety and effectiveness of wearing masks for more than a very short period, especially in the face of great uncertainty about whether either the tests for COVID, or the reported death and casualty figures, are in any way reliable.

Many medical professionals around the world have grave doubts about the wisdom of using masks, with some believing they can actually cause harm. Socially, they are also creating a world of alienation and overt control that will cause enormous long-term psychological damage, especially to younger people brought up in a world of heavily restricted social interaction. Clearly some sensible measures are needed to combat any threat of a virus and masks in certain situations (medical ones, for instance) may sometimes be wise – but there are worries that we are going much too far to combat something for which the effects are far from certain and may be being misrepresented, either accidentally or deliberately. Readers are encouraged to search the internet to discover different opinions about masks, and the pandemic in general, not just take mainstream authorities’ views as gospel. Remember, the likes of Google will track and censor your searches, so try using a less controlled search engine such as DuckDuckGo. Even if we must obey the law, let us be genuinely informed about what is going on and hear the wider debates currently being restricted from public awareness.

If you have not already seen it, please read the extensive non-polemical article elsewhere on this website, which examines in detail just why so many doubts do exist about the pandemic, its origins and the methods being used to prevent it. Although a few months have gone by since its original publication, not much has really changed and many people have found it helpful in getting a broader view of what might really be going on. Read the article here.

Here are just a few responses received about the piece, for which thank you:


“What a truly awesome article! One of the best articulated, researched and thought-out pieces on this current situation”

“Thanks to you and all the others who contributed to this amazing piece of work” 

“Thank you for your article, which is one of the best summaries of the situation”

“A fair and useful overview, for those who have not yet made up their minds”

“Your non-judgemental and balanced writing is much appreciated”

“Succinct, non judgemental and giving every possible view in a very rational and well-worded way”


If we must wear masks for now, do look at getting custom ones made up to make your own statement if you feel strongly about the issue. Online companies now offer cheap facilities to do this, so good luck!