Glastonbury Symposium goes live online

Andy is MC and co-organiser of the annual ‘Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers’ event, the Glastonbury Symposium. Although the usual physical gathering has had to be postponed this year because of pandemic measures, the flame is being kept alive with a special online event instead, featuring some Symposium regulars and the eminent biologist Rupert Sheldrake…

Taking place on 25 July 2020, on what would usually be the middle day of the Symposium, this will be a five-hour series of live presentations in two sessions, morning and afternoon, conducted via Zoom or a similar platform, all for the bargain price of £20, which can be booked easily online here.

A number of Symposium familiars will be presenting, including Andy, Helen Sewell and Jason Porthouse. However, it will also feature the very special guest RUPERT SHELDRAKE, the renowned author, scientist and researcher – see below for details.

The full Glastonbury Symposium, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, will be restaged in 2021 instead, but in the meantime, the organisers look forward to welcoming people to this, the first online Symposium. Full details on this and what the Symposium is all about can be found at:

Here is the schedule for Saturday 25th July 2020:


10:00 – Sign in/Registration

10:30 – Introduction and a hello from the Symposium team

10:40 – ANDY THOMAS (current events and their consequences)

11:40 – HELEN SEWELL (the astrology of these times)

12:20 – Audience Q&A with Helen, Andy and the Symposium team

13:00 – Break for lunch


14:00 – Sign in

14:30 – RUPERT SHELDRAKE (discussing his work in an interview with Andy Thomas)

16:00 – JASON PORTHOUSE (insights and meditation)

16:45 – Closing words

17:00 – End


Book online here!



RUPERT SHELDRAKE is a biologist and author of more than 90 scientific papers and nine books, and the co-author of six books. His books have been published in 28 languages. He was among the top 100 Global Thought Leaders for 2013, as ranked by the Duttweiler Institute, Zurich, Switzerland’s leading think tank. The leading researcher into theories of ‘morphic resonance’, since 1981 he has continued research on developmental and cell biology. He has also investigated unexplained aspects of animal behaviour, including how pigeons find their way home, the telepathic abilities of dogs, cats and other animals, and the apparent abilities of animals to anticipate earthquakes and tsunamis. He subsequently studied similar phenomena in people, including the sense of being stared at, telepathy between mothers and babies, telepathy in connection with telephone calls, and premonitions. Although some of these areas overlap the field of parapsychology, he approaches them as a biologist. Website:

ANDY THOMAS is a leading researcher into mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies, both widely praised for providing real insights into classic conspiracy theories and the paranormal. His many other books include Vital Signsand An Introduction to Crop Circles, seen as definitive guides to the circle phenomenon. Andy is one of Britain’s most prolific lecturers and speaks in many other countries too. He has made numerous radio and TV appearances. An annual speaker at the Glastonbury Symposium since 1994, Andy’s presentations at the event are now renowned. He became co-MC in 1999, a role he continues to this day, and he is one of the core administrators for the Symposium. Website:

HELEN SEWELL D.Psych.Astrol studied with the Centre for Psychological Astrology under the renowned Liz Greene PhD and is a Relate-trained relationship counsellor. She gives personal consultations, writes articles and is one of the tutors for MISPA (the Mercury Internet School for Psychological Astrology). Helen’s presentation on The Astrology of 2012 was broadcast many times on the (now gone) Sky channel 200 (Edge Media TV) and anticipated many developments which still have long-term consequences today. She has also contributed to books such as Geoff Stray’s Beyond 2012 and her husband Andy Thomas’s acclaimed The Truth Agenda. Website:

JASON PORTHOUSE works as a freelance documentary editor, working on programmes such as BBCs Panorama and Stacey Dooley Investigates… When not in an edit suite though, Jason follows a lifelong interest in spirituality and the metaphysical world. A qualified Spiritual Companion and alumni of Jan Day’s School of Being, he is particularly interested in exploring ideas around what being a man in today’s world really means, and how that feeds into relationships on all levels. Jason is also the Glastonbury Symposium’s resident meditation leader and a long-time team member.