Andy’s online pandemic talk available

Andy recently gave a comprehensive online presentation to make sense of all the many debates over the current pandemic, tying in with his much-praised article. The talk is now available to watch as a recording…

Andy’s article, which can be read here, has attracted a lot of positive comments that it manages to make all the many tangled discussions about the doubts, arguments and alternative opinions over COVID-19 understandable and accessible in a time of what often seems to be complete confusion.

This online presentation, titled Alternative Opinions on Key Current Events – A Balanced View, which Andy gave for the Sky High Creations platform in May, is a fully-illustrated lecture designed to achieve the same effect; bring clarity and proportion to all the currently highly polarised opinions. An hour and three quarters in length, with Q&A afterwards, this is an excellent way to understand what is going on and find out the real reasons why people are debating and challenging aspects of the pandemic and its restrictions.

There is a modest charge for accessing the video, but it’s worth it!

Find out all the details here: