Andy on ‘Assassinations Podcast’ and ‘Discussions of Truth’

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Two new interviews with Andy on popular US podcasts are now available to listen to; the Assassinations Podcast and the Discussions of Truth show…

First up is the Assassinations Podcast, presented by creator Niall Cooper (a Scot, though the show is broadcast from New Orleans), which Andy appeared on in May 2020. Despite its lurid name the show’s format is one of intelligent and calm discussion. Some of the themes in Andy’s latest book Conspiracies are discussed, including assassinations as one might expect, but there is also a balanced look at aspects of the current pandemic controversies and the way the conspiracy community has responded – and been treated as a result.

The show can be heard here:


In May, Andy also appeared on the Discussions of Truth show, presented by Ian Trottier, who has interviewed many well-known truth campaigners and authors over the years, this is a fast-paced interview packed with many different themes and useful observations of the times, as Andy dissects current events and how they relate to themes in his book Conspiracies.

There’s a brief confusion at the beginning as the transatlantic call came through at the wrong hour, but it soon gets going!  Listen to the interview (scroll down to 14 May 2020) at: