Andy discusses 5G on BBC Radio Ulster

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In April 2020 Andy Thomas was one of the guests on BBC Radio Ulster’s current affairs show Talkback, discussing the recent controversies over 5G and damage to masts…

Many of you will have heard about the recent alleged damage to 5G masts in the UK, reportedly caused by protestors concerned about connections to the coronavirus situation.

Convened to discuss the issues, and presented by popular radio presenter William Crawley, an edition of BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback show on 8 April 2020 featured a panel of several pundits and experts there to reassure listeners that there are no problems with 5G technology, while Andy provided a more balanced perspective from those who do have concerns. Not there to confirm or deny any of the theories, nor approving of any alleged mast damage, Andy did call for free speech around the 5G subject and pointed out that many health professionals have expressed worries about the technology, not just ‘crackpot conspiracy theorists’ (the now-standard BBC term for anyone with otherwise reasonable concerns for health and well-being).

As an example of how this kind of material is now dealt with by the mainstream, it’s worth a listen: note the stance of the listeners who phone in during the show, all of whom remain unconvinced by the expert reassurances… However, given that it’s rare these days for any kind of balance to be given, BBC Radio Ulster should be congratulated for allowing a real debate.

The programme can currently be heard on BBC Sounds (the specific topic begins at around 1:08 minutes in), but is only available for a few weeks from now (11 April), so hear it while you can at: