Several new radio interviews with Andy

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Andy has given yet more radio interviews recently, exploring aspects of truth and mysteries, and even coronavirus issues…

There are some great radio networks and podcasts out there, many of them in America, trying to air subjects which are simply not heard in the mainstream, and they should be applauded for their efforts.  With the coronavirus situation currently keeping people indoors around the world, if you have some extra time available now might be a good time to explore them…

There’s a whole page of interview links with Andy from earlier this year here, discussing his book Conspiracies and related issues.  But below are some new ones, which can be heard/watched on YouTube.

Florida-based webcast show Live from Planet X, presented by Robert Braddy, recently conducted a two-part interview with Andy. The first explores unexplained mysteries such as crop circles, UFOs and beyond, while the second looks at several famous conspiracy areas.

Here’s Part 1:

And here is Part 2:


Meanwhile, there are, of course, many ‘alternative’ theories out there about coronavirus and whether we are being given the whole truth about the situation. Andy recently took part in a four-man Skype discussion for the UK-based Paranormal Peep Show Coronavirus Special, which – with no bias or hard-selling of theories – explores some of the lesser-known ideas about the current crisis and what the implications for society and freedom of speech might be in the long-term. Watch this here:


Back to general conspiracies and why talking about them is so crucial in an age of increasing censorship, Andy was recently interviewed for the US-based Beyond Reality network’s Beyond Paranormal show, presented by the very able J V Johnson, which can be watched here: