Andy’s YouTube channel updated

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Andy has recently substantially updated his YouTube ‘channel’ with many new lectures and interviews on truth and mysteries to watch or listen to…

For all its current policies about reducing so-called ‘controversial’ content, YouTube hasn’t yet taken away everything of interest, and Andy Thomas’s many contributions to it have recently been sorted through and many new items have been added.  Remember, if you ‘subscribe’ to the channel (this is free; just click on ‘Subscribe’ on YouTube) you will be notified of any new entries – and it will now be kept properly up to date!

Click here to go to Andy’s channel.

Although some of this content can already be found on the Videos page on this website, there are many hours of fascinating additional material on all kinds of subjects which can only be found on the YT channel, including in-depth interviews and presentations with Andy on everything from conspiracies and the paranormal to freedom issues and important history. Enjoy.