Andy writes and records a new song

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Long before becoming a truth and mysteries researcher, Andy Thomas was an aspiring keyboard player and wrote songs and music for different projects. Although he still occasionally gigs today, he hadn’t composed for 24 years – but recently this changed with a new one-off song written and recorded for his wife Helen’s special birthday. The song is now available to listen to…

Constellations (Song for Helen), was written by Andy as a special song of faith and devotion to his beloved wife Helen for her birthday at the end of 2019, and features Andy on keyboards and vocals. Recorded with the crucial help of producer Martin Noakes, who provides additional keyboards, guitars and backing vocals, there are also contributions from three other brilliant players in a fascinating combination: Piers Adams, one of the world’s best classical recorder players (renowned for his work with baroque quartet Red Priest), and Boag Alexander and Tara Harley, guitarist and bassist of the Brighton-based rock band Scare Taxi.

[2021 update:] The best of Andy’s music from his years of composing  music for various projects are now available on the Thomas and Swingland YouTube channel, where Constellations, complete with lyrics and a sparkly video, can be heard – or just click below:

Constellations is, of course, personal to Helen and Andy, but is offered here for anyone to listen to. Some of the stranger verbal symbolism may be cryptic to some listeners, as the song includes astrological references (Helen being a well-known psychological astrologer) and the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are also all reflected in the lyrics somewhere. The song was designed to be a one-off very special gift for Helen, but she has kindly given her permission for it to be heard more widely.

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