New conspiracy interviews to listen to

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Andy Thomas has been busy promoting the new version of his book Conspiracies in recent weeks with many new radio interviews, including the very popular US show Coast to Coast AM, and several other extended discussions investigating different aspects of truth and mysteries, and these are now available to listen to.

US radio especially, both on-air and online, still gives extensive airtime to discussing conspiracies, even while the mainstream media refuses to cover them. This makes it even more crucial that in an age of growing censorship that these issues are aired. So, for those looking for some substantial listening material and to hear some important and sometimes mind-boggling topics being aired, the following shows are now available to listen to. Each programme has its own emphasis and although some areas inevitably cross over, different subjects tend to get drawn out, so they are all worth listening to:


Coast to Coast AM:  This was once the ‘Art Bell Show’, presented by the late Bell himself, but it continues to have hundreds of thousands of listeners and Andy has received a lot of attention for his latest appearance on the programme. This two hour interview, conducted by presenter Richard Syrett, can be heard at:

Strange Planet:  Richard Syrett also presents this excellent show and recently conducted a separate long interview with Andy, examining conspiracy subjects from a slightly different angle. This can be heard at:

Lighting the Void:  Presented by Joe Rupe, this is another very good, in-depth show which has intelligent and constructive conversations about areas usually ignored by the mainstream. Hear this at:

Unslaved Podcast:  Presented by Michael Tsarion and David Whitehead, this is a no-punches-pulled show with an emphasis on geopolitics and the consequences of social conditioning and programming agendas, with a dash of mysticism. You need to sign up specifically to hear these podcasts, but it’s worth it. Find the link to Andy’s interview here:

Paranormal Peep Show:  This is a British podcast! Neil Geddes Ward and Andy Chaplin regularly present this quirky and informing show for the PAUK (Paranormal UK) network, using humour and a light touch to balance the serious issues. Listen to it at:

The Truth Underground:  Another US show, this is a good serious but chatty programme (where Andy is billed as a ‘reasonable conspiracy theorist’!) with two presenters, Jim Rivas and Steve Olson, broadcast on WGSO 990 Radio New Orleans, but it is also archived on YouTube where it can be heard at:

Beyond Paranormal: This is one more excellent US chat show broadcast on the Beyond Reality network and presented by the very experienced J V Johnson, who appears on-camera throughout. Watch it at:

There are further interviews with Andy due to go online soon and links will appear on this website in due course.