‘Conspiracies’ – new updated and expanded edition!

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A new fully revised and updated edition of Andy’s seminal book Conspiracies: The Facts – The Theories – The Evidence is now available, in print, Kindle and as an audiobook…

It’s a busy autumn for Andy Thomas. Hot on the heels of the hardback global edition of his book Christmas, a new much-updated and expanded edition of Conspiracies has also arrived, ahead of schedule. Produced by Watkins Publishing and originally planned for spring 2020, it is instead out now and is fully available in three formats through all online and high street retailers in the UK, USA, Australia and beyond.

Inevitably, much has occurred in the world since the first 2013 publication, and this edition (now extended to 321 pages, with a brand new cover) takes into account many of the huge developments which have affected people’s awareness and perception of all things conspiracy-related since then. It updates some of the original content and adds a lot of new material to make it one of the most cutting-edge, accessible and crucial guides available as to why people really believe in conspiracies and why it matters more than ever that we keep conversations going about them in the face of ever-growing censorship.

As well as covering all the classic conspiracy areas featured in the original edition, including historical intrigues, JFK, Watergate, the Moon Landings, 9/11, Princess Diana, the New World Order and much more, the substantial new material adds in many entries about the following:

  • DONALD TRUMP: The role of Donald Trump as the ‘conspiracy president’ is analysed. Not only is Trump a believer in certain conspiracy theories, infamously he has now become target of many of them, not least the disputed claim that he worked with the Russians to gain power and other accusations that have led to impeachment proceedings. Mainstream sources often claim to disdain conspiracy theories, but when it comes to Donald Trump, it appears to be happy to consider all of them; the book discusses this fascinating paradox.
  • FAKE NEWS, POST-TRUTH AND CENSORSHIP: The rise of the ‘fake news’ phenomenon in a ‘post-truth’ environment has had the unfortunate effect of allowing perfectly legitimate alternative enquiry to be shut down in the name of combatting this. This has led to a surge in outright online censorship, with certain (perfectly legal) conspiracy material being removed from major platforms or hidden from search engines. The book highlights some of the now draconian attacks on free speech and debates the wisdom of a world where the expression of any view that challenges the status quo is becoming increasingly taboo.
  • EDWARD SNOWDEN AND MASS-SURVEILLANCE: The startling revelations by Edward Snowden that mass surveillance was being globally deployed against populations without their knowledge should have changed society and its attitude to privacy and security. In truth, a worrying, if reluctant, acceptance of this as the new norm now risks taking us into an Orwellian world that we all take for granted – at our peril. New trends in people having microchip implants also raise serious issues around freedom and threaten a road to the biological/technological development of ‘transhumanism’.
  • THE Q-ANON MOVEMENT: The claims of ‘QAnon’, a claimed deep-state mole at the heart of the US establishment, has asserted that Donald Trump is a force for good but is deliberately being undermined by the New World Order. QAnon has stirred a number of other dark controversies, including the highly contentious ‘Pizzagate’ claims of child abuse rings in Florida. The book considers QAnon’s effect on the conspiracy world by having generated a protective support movement around itself, and looks at its role in generating sympathetic support for Trump.
  • BREXIT: Many theories have arisen around the Brexit crisis in Britain. Was the original referendum result a manipulated conspiracy, or was the long failure of the British parliament to implement the break from the EU that the public voted for the true problem? Either way, some believe that Brexit has been used to discredit the nation and diminish its role on the world stage, and these ideas are examined.
  • CRISIS ACTORS: The recent rise of inflammatory and much-ridiculed theories that some major terror attacks might in fact be staged hoaxes using actors and faked theatrical techniques is scrutinised and put into context to see where this began in an attempt to understand why some people adhere to such beliefs.
  • THE SALISBURY NERVE GAS ATTACK: The 2018 attempt in Salisbury, England, on the lives of Russian spy Sergie Skripal and his daughter using a rare nerve agent was officially announced by the British government to be the work of the Russian state. But anomalies around the case and a lack of firm evidence have led to claims of a ‘false flag’ event being mounted as part of a New World Order plot to help step up a new Cold War. The curious evidence and counter-claims around this are discussed.
  • OTHER MENTIONS AND ADDITIONS: New entries and further updates are included on the following:
  • The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370
  • Health and surveillance risks from 5G and other EMF wireless technology
  • The unexpected collapse of the Morandi bridge in Italy
  • The claim that the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t actually exist!
  • The Jimmy Savile child abuse cover-ups
  • Updates on the travails of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and informant Chelsea Manning
  • Additional investigations into Moon landing hoax theories
  • NEW CHAPTER SEQUENCE: The original first chapter has now been expanded and split into two chapters, opening and closing the main book.

Further new material and updates are interspersed throughout the chapters.

If you are ever confronted by people demanding to know why anyone would ever believe in conspiracies, this is designed to be the book to help show them; leaving people free to make their own minds up, but also making clear that there are substantial arguments that deserve proper consideration in a world of denial and obfuscation.

The book is available in paperback, as a Kindle edition and also as an audiobook, read by actor Richard Lyddon.  It can be ordered easily from Amazon in the UK here, and in the USA here. A search will quickly find it through other retailers around the English-speaking world.