Two new interviews with Andy on truth and mysteries

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Andy has recently given two long-format audio interviews giving good broad overviews of current issues in the truth and mysteries realms, and these are now available to hear…

Lighting the Void is a widely-listened to US radio show presented by Joe Rupe, which explores many aspects of paranormal, spiritual and conspiracy research. Andy’s two-hour discussion covers a good number of important areas, including UFOs and related cover-ups, Moon landing hoax arguments, speculation on the ‘gifts and nightmares’ of future technology and its effect on collective consciousness, and the crucial issue of online censorship. This interview can be heard here.

The censorship area is focused on more in Andy’s interview for the Irish podcast Circle of White Light, presented by Alan James, which anticipates some of the themes which Andy will be speaking on at the forthcoming Open Minds conference in Waterford, Ireland, in November. The seriousness of the current clamp-down on free speech is just one of several huge developments which the world is currently tackling, and in another two-hour segment Andy and Alan debate ways in which we can best navigate our way through tumultuous times and keep truth and healthy awareness alive. [The text info says the interview includes Andy’s wife Helen Sewell, but unfortunately she wasn’t available that day, so in fact it is just Andy!] This can be heard by scrolling to the relevant programme on this page here.