Truth, mysteries and censorship – new lecture to watch

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Fast-growing and draconian online censorship of ‘alternative’ material was the central theme of Andy’s powerful presentation at this July’s Glastonbury Symposium, and this is now available to watch (for the time being!) for free on YouTube…

Many truth seekers are increasingly alarmed at the now undisguised campaign by authorities and the mainstream media to remove online links to ‘alternative’ material in the apparent hope that people will eventually forget that unorthodox views of any kind ever existed. Entitled CENSORED: Truth and Free Speech in an Age of Mass Censorship, Andy’s lecture gives the big picture in an accessible way. It is SO important that everyone becomes aware of of what is happening, so please look at the video for free simply by watching here below:

Please copy the link and send it around to one and all – while you can! [Many thanks to Jason Porthouse for preparing the video so quickly.]

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