In-depth interview with Andy on crop circles and other mysteries

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Andy recently gave an interview for the online platform Resolving Reality Radio, discussing his background with the crop circle phenomenon and why it continues to fascinate and confound, as well as looking at its links with other truth and mystery areas …

Andy’s investigations into crop circles have been running now for nearly three decades, and his determination to maintain a balanced debate about their origins remains undiminished despite endless media debunking.

In this detailed interview with Irish web broadcaster Emmet (no surname!), Andy discusses his thoughts and feelings about this ongoing puzzle and the remarkable effect that the crop circles continue to have on those drawn to them. He puts this into context with his other work investigating conspiracies and truth issues, and draws threads between the way all ‘alternative’ topics are unfairly disregarded in the mainstream.

The interview can be heard on three platforms!:

Soundcloud (high quality audio):


Or it can be heard (with visuals) here on YouTube: