Andy’s autumn lecture dates announced

Dates for Andy’s autumn public lectures have now been uploaded and include a tour of some of the UK’s major cities for his conspiracies talk, including Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham, as well as two appearances at Ireland’s Open Mind conference, a slot at London’s huge ‘Winterville’ festival (with his Christmas presentation), and several other talks across south-east England…

Andy speaks for many different groups, both mainstream and alternative, all year round. The majority of these are for group members only, but a significant number of his upcoming autumn 2018 dates are open to the public and these dates have now been uploaded onto the Upcoming Talks page – click to see!

The ‘Funzing’ network, which presents lectures and events in the hearts of Britain’s big cities, has booked Andy to give his lecture on conspiracies in three major spots this autumn, starting with Cardiff on 1st September, and then Manchester in September and Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham in late October. These dates have become very popular, especially among younger people, and present welcome opportunities to open up unusual and controversial subjects to new audiences. Likewise, in December, Andy will be speaking at the Winterville festival at London’s Clapham Common with his lecture on the deeper background to Christmas.

Other dates in the list include crop circle updates for groups in south-east England, including, of course, Andy’s own Changing Times in West Sussex, where he will be rounding up this year’s circular formations on 18th September.

In early November, Andy will be making two special appearances at Ireland’s Open Minds conference in Waterford. A short promotional interview with Andy for this is available to watch on Facebook here.

Andy hopes to see some of you at his talks if you can make it along!  Again, all the dates and details can be found on the Upcoming Talks page.