Andy interview about crop circles on Vice Media

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The Vice online platform now has a huge presence, especially amongst young adults, and Andy Thomas was recently featured as a guest on Vice’s 10 Questions video slot, discussing his continuing enthusiasm for the crop circle mystery…

Originally a US-based media company, Vice has a significant global outreach and is watched by large numbers of people, as it covers many different aspects of life and modern issues. The 10 Questions segment is designed to give coverage to people from all walks of life with unusual experiences and beliefs and allow them to speak about their work, and in August 2018 Andy was the central subject of 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Crop Circle Theorist...

Andy says: “Filmed in a scorching field during the UK heatwave of 2018, an hour or so of interview has been edited down to just a few minutes, and inevitably much of the detail has been lost, so the impression is given that I think mainly about alien theories to explain the crop circles, when those who have seen my talks or read my books will be very aware that I am in fact open to many ideas. I also talked about man-made circles and some of the issues that separate them from more mysterious appearances, but this wasn’t included either. So what we see in the interview is not quite the whole story… However, it was an enjoyable experience and I’d like to thank Vice for including me in the series and giving some non-sceptical exposure to the circle phenomenon.”

The short video also includes some stunning aerial shots of crop formations from the last few years. Watch the segment at:

… or on YouTube here: