Andy TV interview on the New World Order

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An archive interview that Andy Thomas gave for the Danish ‘Age of Truth’ web TV channel has recently been uploaded onto YouTube and makes for a useful introduction to some of the issues around conspiracy theories and the plans of the New World Order, while also explaining some of Andy’s motivations in having become a ‘truth seeker’ …

Andy’s presentation A Conspiracy History of the World, filmed at the Open Mind conference at Skanderborg, Denmark in September 2013, has now received over 600,000 views on YouTube and is in itself a helpful and concise guide to some key conspiracy areas. During the conference, Andy was interviewed¬†(in English!), by the well-known Danish truth presenter Lucas Alexander, and this has now been made available to watch on YouTube.

The 90-minute interview makes for a good in-depth discussion about the issues surrounding global ruling elites and massive cover-ups, and the need to understand and spread awareness of these areas in the hope of creating a better world for the future.

Watch the interview at:

Or here below…