Andy discusses current events on the ‘Unslaved’ show

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Andy Thomas recently featured as the special guest on Michael Tsarion and David Whitehead’s leading video podcast show Unslaved, discussing everything from Donald Trump, Brexit and left and right-wing agendas, to the New World Order and free speech, with a smattering of the paranormal mixed in…

Despite the interview being included in the show’s regular World in Ruins (!) thread, Andy introduces some positivity to the debate and tries to look beyond the moribund fear agendas of the mainstream media to give a more hopeful sideways view on things, particularly in the second hour of the podcast.

The first hour is free to watch on YouTube, while the second half is available to ‘members’ (easy to sign up for – just click the red button when you get to the main page of the link below).

Watch the interview directly on YouTube at:

Go to the Unslaved page to sign up for the second hour at: