‘Christmas’ by Andy Thomas – new limited edition book!

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Each autumn Andy Thomas gives a series of lectures to various groups on the deeper background to Christmas and the many origins of its traditions. These presentations have been widely praised as insightful and inspiring. In the same spirit, he has now produced a limited edition book entitled Christmas: From Solstice to Santa (cover seen here), available now only through specific conduits.

As well as his interest in unexplained mysteries and cover-ups, Andy has long been fascinated by folklore and the stories behind some of the key festivals. Subtitled A Celebratory History, here’s how the description to Christmas: From Solstice to Santa reads:


From mid-December each year, normality ceases and everything starts to orbit around the colourful, joyous and magical festival we know as Christmas. We dress homes and shops with beautiful decorations, plan elaborate meals and find gifts for loved ones in a spirit of goodwill. But why, and where did all this came from?

In an intriguing and entertaining journey, Andy Thomas uncovers the fascinating background to the festive season. From the ancient ceremonies of light in the darkness to the marking of the birth of a messiah, from medieval ‘misrule’ to Santas and sleighs, the time around the winter solstice has long been an occasion for rejoicing. Yet Christmas traditions have splintered into many guises and seasonal celebration was even banned in Puritan times. This book tells the fuller story behind the sparkle and merriment and shows why, for all the modern commercialisation, Christmas has survived and still has meaning for us today.


Beautifully illustrated by artist Denise Miller, with a gold-embossed cover and with copious pictures and photos throughout its 168 pages, printed in seasonally dark green ink on cream paper, the book is the perfect Christmas present either for yourself or for others! It touches on many aspects of the season around the world and is inclusive to all beliefs and approaches.

The book is, for this year, firmly a limited edition and will not be on sale online. Therefore it is ONLY available through any of the following three methods:


  • Buying a copy at one of Andy’s lectures.


  • Emailing info@vitalsignspublishing.co.uk requesting a copy of the book. You will then receive an email via Paypal with links enabling you to pay simply using any debit or credit card. (You will not need a Paypal account to do this.)


  • Sending a cheque payable to ‘Vital Signs Publishing’ to this address: Vital Signs Publishing, Broom Cottage, Ashdown Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5BN


The book costs just £11.00 in the UK, inclusive of postage and packing. Overseas orders are £15.00 for the EU and £18.00 for the rest of the world. Please allow a reasonable time for delivery. Many thanks.


A few responses to the book so far!:

Thank you, Andy. The book is wonderful. Beautifully written and illustrated and so well researched. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to give it to friends as presents – Sally

I really like what I’ve seen so far. There’s a surprise over every turn of the page – James

The book looks awesome! Really nice cover and it feels like Solstice! – Tara

It is lovely! I am learning a lot from it …  Many thanks, for your hard work in putting together this interesting and illuminating book – Mary

The book arrived … it’s really great!  I ran off with it when it arrived and read a lot of it and loved it! (And the little illustrations around the text.) – Sarah

The book was very good and an easy read – Barry