Andy reviews the 2017 crop circles in ‘Nexus Magazine’

The latest issue of the leading alternative journal Nexus Magazine includes Andy’s report on the crop circles of 2017 …

The current issue of Nexus Magazine (Oct-Nov 2017) carries Andy’s comprehensive annual report on the season’s crop circles, with full colour photos. Nexus is the leading alternative journal and is available in most UK newsagents and other global outlets.

The ever-controversial crop circle mystery maintained its presence in 2017, generating some very striking formations, if primarily in the UK. The mainstream media largely ignored or dismissed them, of course, but there there is a lot still to say about this intriguing and dramatically persistent phenomenon. In his report, Andy looks at the key formations of 2017 from both the traditional British heartlands and the rest of the world, relating the stories behind them and highlighting important features.

Andy has been writing the crop circle round-ups for Nexus for two decades now, and the accumulative reports constitute a valuable and intriguing ongoing history of this ever-controversial but always fascinating mystery. Back copies of every previous issue (the magazine began in 1987) are available to buy and can be ordered from the official website at

For people living in south-east England, Andy will be giving his round-up of the 2017 circles as lectures in the next few weeks. See the Upcoming Talks page for more.

Photo by Crop Circle Connector, with thanks.