Andy interviewed on the Jim Harold Show

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Andy recently gave an interview about conspiracy theories to Jim Harold, presenter of the popular US podcast website. The show is now available to listen to…

Jim Harold (pictured) has been presenting his Paranormal Podcast since 2005 and it has become a staple for many truthseekers, gaining over 27 million downloads and regularly featuring in the top 2% most listened to podcasts in the USA.

In early August 2017, Andy recorded his second appearance for the podcast station (the first being a few years ago) as part of its occasional Conspiracy Corner feature. Jim Harold is agnostic about conspiracies (“a curious sceptic”), but still open-minded, and the discussion covers many interesting aspects of this kind of thinking which usefully introduces some classic areas such as Princess Diana, JFK and 9/11 theories in an accessible way, and much more besides.

General information on the Jim Harold website can be found here, while the show itself can be played for free at or directly here: